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As its name implies, Webmaster Directory is focused on listing sites that will be of interest to people running websites, arranged into several topical categories. Submissions to the directory are fee-based, with three options. When a reciprocal link is provided, a regular link may be submitted to the directory for $15.95. Without a reciprocal link, the fee for a regular link is $19.95, but up to three deep links may be included. Offering up to five deep links, Featured links are $29.95. Up to five hundred characters are allowed for a site description.

Established in late 2006, and powered by a PHP Link Directory script, Webmaster Directory’s upper-level categories include Blogs, Domain Name Services, eCommerce Resources, Forums & Communities, Internet Marketing, Link Building, Monetize Your Website, Programming, RSS & Syndication, Scripts, SEO, Stock Photography, Templates, Web Design Companies, Web Directories, Web Hosting, Webmaster Radio & Podcasts, Webmaster Tools, Website Graphics, and Misc. Resources.

Other pages include Latest Links and Top Hits. The directory’s listings may be located by browsing its categories and subcategories, or through a site search.





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