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The directory lists web designers, design firms, and other resources related to web design, including blogs, template and tutorial sites, CSS and web design galleries within the United States. The directory may be browsed by the specific web technology, which include, on its main page, ActiveX, AJAX, Android, Animation, Apache, API, ASP, AudioMP3, Blogs, ColdFusion, Content-Management, CSS, DHTML, DOT-NET, Dreamweaver, Drupal, E-Commerce, EBay, Facebook, Flash, FLEX, FrontPage, Google-Code, Google-Maps, HTML, IIS, iPad, iPhone, J2EE, JAVA, JavaScript, Joomla, JQuery, JSON, JSP, Linux, MySQL, PayPal, PERL, PhotoShop, PHP, Responsive-Design, Ruby, SEO, Shopping-Carts, SOAP, SQL, Templates, Twitter, Video, Visual-Basic, WEB 2.0, Web-Hosting, Widgets, WordPress, XHTML, XML, and YouTube.

Alternatively, the directory may be browsed, beginning with an interactive map, or by comparing web design bids, with up to eight bid quotes free, using, as variables, the type of service desired, location, budget, and deadline.

Appropriate listings may be submitted to the director without monetary charge, but a reciprocal link is required. Site-wide or page specific banner advertising is also available.

Other pages and resources include the ability to submit projects, review proposals, and hire a designer, as well as web design tutorials, interviews with design professionals, a rich snippets generator, and other topics.





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