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There are only five main categories in the Thales topical web directory. Within its top-level Business category, the second-level categories are Construction, Finance, Insurance & Investing, Graphic Design & Printing, Jobs & Opportunities, Law, Manufacturing & Wholesale, Marketing & Advertising, Real Estate, Services for Business, Transportation, Rental, and Moving. Its Health category contains Alternative & Wellness, Beauty, Barber & Spa, Dentistry & Orthodontics, Facilities & Practitioners, Fitness & Nutrition, Medicine & Medical Equipment, Optometry, and Psychology, as second-level categories. The second-level categories to its Internet & Software category are Blogs & Forums, Directories & Search Engines, SEO Resources, Software, Tools & Utilities, Web Design & Webmaster Resources, Web Hosting, ISP and Domain Services. Its other main-level category is Retail, whose second-level categories are Arts & Photography, Books, Children, Classified Ads & Auctions, Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Computers, Electronics & Office Supplies, Coupons & General Merchandise, Games & Toys, Greeting Cards & Gifts, Home & Garden, Jewelry, Motor & Recreational Vehicles, Sporting Goods & Memorabilia, Tobacco, Veterinary, and Wedding. The only other pages are a contact form.

Thales has been online since early 2006. Its content may be found by browsing its categories and subcategories, or through in-site search.

Links may be submitted to the Thales directory for free, with or without a reciprocal link. The review fee for a featured link is $20, as a one-time fee. Featured links may be submitted to top-level categories, or will appear at the top of the page in subcategories. The title field allows for up to sixty-fives characters, while the description field has an upper limit of five hundred characters.




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