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When a directory requires a reciprocal link in order for a listing to be submitted without payment of a fee, that directory should receive a "reciprocal" tag. Directories that offer both reciprocal and pay options should receive both the "pay" and "reciprocal" tags.

  • Gallery Art Directory

    Gallery Art Directory

    Hits 655

    Established in 2006, Gallery Art Directory features links to sites offering information about, or representing, artists, online art galleries, art supplies, oil painters, art collectors, posters and prints, art representatives, fine artists, art museums, and related topics, sorted into a variety of categories and subcategories.
  • Gimpsy


    Active Sites for Active People

    Hits 960

    Gimpsy only lists websites that provide an interactive online service; those which serve only as repositories of information are not listed, nor are stores that include an online catalog but do not allow customers to make a purchase online. Featured sites will appear in response to appropriate questions, while all other sites are randomly generated, the order changing once a month.
  • Globe Directory

    Globe Directory

    Hits 600

    The Globe Directory is a topical web directory established in 2007. There is no charge for submitting a site to the directory and, while a reciprocal link is recommended, it is not required, according to the directory's submission guidelines. Registration with the site is required in order to submit a site.
  • Globe Spot Web Directory

    Globe Spot Web Directory

    Internet Directory

    Hits 818

    Globe Spot is a general directory, established sometime in 2006, as it first appears in the Internet Archive on March 28 of that year. Submissions to the directory may be made in return for a reciprocal link or a one-time payment of $25. Featured links are $35 per year.
  • Health Sites Directory

    Health Sites Directory

    your health directory

    Hits 834

    Health Sites Directory lists sites and other online resources whose topics relate to health and medicine, its content discoverable by browsing the directory's categories and subcategories. Sites may be submitted to the directory without payment of a fee, but a reciprocal link is requested, and possibly required.
  • Hot vs Not

    Hot vs Not

    premium web directory

    Hits 958

    The fee-based, general web directory shows a focus on business listings, but offers a wide range of category groupings, but includes top-level categories for Kids and Teens, Regional, and World. Listings are available by browsing categories and subcategories, alphabetically, or through an in-site search feature. Its terms of service, privacy policy, and editorial policies are stated.
  • Internet Web Directory

    Internet Web Directory

    Hits 758

    The Internet Web Directory was established sometime before May 29, 2009, which is when it first appears in the Internet Archive. Regular submissions are free, with or without a reciprocal link, while the cost for a review of a featured link is $6.95 per year.
  • Kartoo


    Search Engine

    Hits 527

    Including directories specific to the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, and Poland, Kartoo has been online since late 2000 or early 2001, although it was initially a meta search engine, adding the directory sometime in 2011.
  • Leading Link Directory

    Leading Link Directory

    100% SEO Friendly & Human Edited Web Directory

    Hits 2379

    The Leading Link Directory is new, first appearing in the Internet Archive on December 3, 2013, although another directory formerly used this domain. Regular links may be submitted for free, with or without a reciprocal link. Without a reciprocal link, the review time is three months, according to the submission guidelines, which can be shortened to one week with a reciprocal link. Featured link submissions are $4.95 per year.
  • Link Channels

    Link Channels

    Web Directory Since 2006

    Hits 524

    Online since 2006, Link Channels is a general web directory. Its listing options include a free listing, requiring a reciprocal link. A standard listing, without a reciprocal link, costs $45 a year, and a featured listing is $95 a year, which may include a logo, business address, phone number, and up to four deep links.