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When a directory requires a reciprocal link in order for a listing to be submitted without payment of a fee, that directory should receive a "reciprocal" tag. Directories that offer both reciprocal and pay options should receive both the "pay" and "reciprocal" tags.

  • 1001 Forums

    1001 Forums

    Hits 1498

    The 1001 Forums directory was established sometime prior to July 24, 2003, when it first appears in the Internet Archive. There is no cost for submissions to the directory and, while a reciprocal link will allow for an expedited review, it is not required.
  • 1Abc Directory

    1Abc Directory

    Hits 1648

    Established in 2006, the 1Abc Directory is a topical directory. According to its submission policies, free links may be submitted without a reciprocal link, while regular links require either a reciprocal link or the payment of a one-time fee of five dollars. Featured links are twenty dollars a year.
  • 321 Webmaster

    321 Webmaster

    All the resources you need to design, develop & manage a successful website

    Hits 1334

    The 321 Webmaster directory features free tools and webmaster resources for designing, developing, and managing a website. Submissions to the directory require a reciprocal link, and only webmaster resource sites are accepted.
  • Abacus Web Directory

    Abacus Web Directory

    SEO friendly web directory

    Hits 1057

    The Abacus Web Directory first appears in the Internet Archive on August 23, 2006. The topical web directory offers a few choices on submissions. Without payment of a submission fee, a reciprocal link is required, for a review time of from one to two days. Otherwise, a regular submission costs $5.00, as a one-time fee. Featured links are $15.00 for one year, offering guaranteed inclusion.
  • Above All Directory

    Above All Directory

    human edited

    Hits 1306

    Established in 2013, the Above All Directory is new, but the directory owner has plans to create a comprehensive general web directory, with a full complement of topical categories, as well as Regional and World trees. Regular submissions may be submitted for free or, for better placement, a reciprocal link is requested. Featured submissions are $9.99 per year or $19.99 for a lifetime listing.
  • Abstract Directory

    Abstract Directory

    Free Web Directory

    Hits 793

    With a copyright of 2006, the Abstract Directory first appears in the Internet Archive on February 2, 2007. Sites may be submitted to the directory for free, with or without a reciprocal link, the advantage to a link-back being an earlier review time. Internal pages may not be submitted as regular links. Express links are $5, as a one-time fee, which are supposed to allow for deep links, but I don't see a field on the form for deep links. Featured links are $10 per year.
  • Aby Directory

    Aby Directory

    Human Edited, SEO Friendly Directory

    Hits 1132

    The topical web directory first appears in the Internet Archive on the 4th of July, 2006. There are three site submission options. A regular listing may be submitted for a one-time review fee of $5.00. A featured listing is free of monetary charge, but a reciprocal link must be provided on the home page of the site being submitted. Premium listings are $35.00 and, if accepted, will be displayed above regular listings for a period of one year, after which they become a permanent regular listing.
  • Accent List

    Accent List

    Hits 880

    The Accent List Web Directory has been online since sometime before January 10, 2010, when it first appears in the Internet Archive. Submission options include a one-time review fee of $4.00 for a regular listing, a featured listing in return for a front-page reciprocal link, or $25.00 for a listing that is premium for one year, then becoming a permanent regular listing.
  • Add Your Blog

    Add Your Blog

    The Original Spam Free Blog Search

    Hits 1057

    Online since 2006 or 2007, Add Your Blog first appears in the Internet Archive on January 2, 2007. Listed blogs are categorized and listed on search engine friendly pages, which include a detail page.
  • AgSites


    The Outdoor World, Agriculture and Weather Information Directory

    Hits 762

    AgSites first appears in the Internet Archive on May 22, 2001, although it holds a copyright of 1999. The site features a directory of Internet resources related to the weather, agriculture, fisheries, food, and the outdoor world.