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When the payment of a fee, of any amount, is required in order to submit a site to be listed in a directory, that directory should receive the "pay" tag.

  • Best of the Web

    Best of the Web


    Hits 770

    Established in 1994, the Best of the Web directory is a full-featured directory of websites, arranged in topical and regional categories. BOTW employs a team of editors who are engaged in adding useful websites, adding and maintaining categories, and ensuring the integrity of the directory.
  • Best of the Web Blog Directory

    Best of the Web Blog Directory

    Hits 1906

    The Best of the Web blog directory lists blogs on a variety of topics and regional locations. Fees for blog submissions begin at $149 for annual fee, with a permanent listing costing $299.95, each of which may include social network profiles. BOTW utilizes paid and volunteer staff to review listings and to add additional useful content to the directory.
  • Best Psychic Directory

    Best Psychic Directory

    Helping You Locate Reputable & Legitimate Psychics & Mediums

    Hits 1015

    Maintained by Bob Olson, psychic medium researcher, the directory features a list of psychics and mediums, who may be located by name, location, or specialty. Listings may be submitted to the directory for free, but featured listings are also available.
  • Best Reptile Sites

    Best Reptile Sites

    Reptile & Amphibian Directory

    Hits 648

    Focusing on listing sites whose topics relate to reptiles or amphibians, the directory has been online since 2008. Sites may be added to the directory in return for either a reciprocal link or the payment of a fee.
  • Bew Directory

    Bew Directory

    Web Directory

    Hits 649

    The Bew Directory is new to the web directory industry. Established sometime in 2013, it doesn't have a lot of listed sites yet, but I didn't come across any empty categories, which is commendable.
  • Bhanvad


    international website directory

    Hits 809

    Online since 2002, the general comprehensive web directory first appears in the Internet Archive on June 28, 2002. According to its guidelines, sites may be submitted for free, but the chances of inclusion are low. The submission fee for a basic listing is $30, refundable if the site is not improved for inclusion. Premium listings are available as well, but I was unable to determine what the cost of a premium listing is.
  • Big Church Directory

    Big Church Directory

    Christian Church Directory

    Hits 565

    Established in 2005, Big Church Directory offers links to online information about churches, Christian services and stores around the world, and other resources. Registration is required in order to use many of the functions of the directory, such as adding listings and reviews, although a listing can be suggested without registering for an account.
  • Big Web Links

    Big Web Links

    Awesome Links for Awesome People

    Hits 786

    Online since at least March 8, 2007, when it first appears in the Internet Archive, Big Web Links is a general web directory. Sites listed in Big Web Links rank according to the amount of money contributed to the listing. A minimum of $49.90 is required for all new listings; after that, anyone can contribute to increase the ranking of a site, with a minimum contribution of $10.
  • Big Webmaster

    Big Webmaster

    Webmaster Resources

    Hits 649

    Established in 2000, the directory lists links to CGI scripts, programs, tutorials, books, and other resources for webmasters, directors and programmers. Resources may be submitted to the directory for free, as a standard submission. Express submissions are reviewed within seven business days and, if approved, are listed towards the top of the category. The fee for an express submission is $50, with additional monthly fees for added benefits.
  • Bird Sites

    Bird Sites

    Bird Directory

    Hits 592

    New to the web directory industry, Bird Sites first appears in the Internet Archive on March 22, 2013, with a focus on listing sites relating to birds and bird care. Submissions to the directory require either a reciprocal link or the payment of a fee.