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  • MK Links

    MK Links

    Mind Control Directory

    Hits 647

    The MK Links Directory lists sites and online resources related to mind control, secret technologies, targeted individuals, and gang stalking. There is no built-in method of submitting a site to the directory, but there is a contact link that may be used to suggest a site.
  • Online Schools

    Online Schools


    Hits 630

    Online Schools is a directory of accredited educational programs within the United States that are available online, from K-12 to graduate school, including links to information about the degrees and schools available. Schools may be located by degree, category, or subject. Alternatively, its content may be browsed by the level of education sought: K-12, Higher Education, Colleges by Degree, or Colleges by State.
  • ProTeacher Directory

    ProTeacher Directory

    established in 1998

    Hits 1186

    Established in 1998, PT offers web links to teacher resources, categorized in ten top-level categories, and subcategorized as necessary.
  • Resources for School Librarians

    Resources for School Librarians


    Hits 527

    Maintained by Linda Bertland, a retired school librarian, the directory offers links to resources of interest to librarians. The directory does not include a submission feature, but comments, additions or corrections may be emailed to the site administrator.
  • The Best Sites for Kids

    The Best Sites for Kids


    Hits 471

    Maintained by the UpToTen toy shop, the directory lists primarily sites of interest to parents of children, categorizing them by six upper-level categories. Users are allowed to rate listed sites. Although an email address is provided, there is on automated means of submitting a site to the directory.
  • Web Japan

    Web Japan

    Fun, Flavorful, Fascinating

    Hits 541

    Sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and operated by a non-governmental Japanese organization, the site offers a guide to Japan. Its main page highlights trends in Japan, offers a Japan fact sheet, video topics, and a kid's page, while its directory is organized into ten upper-level categories.