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A directory should be tagged as "free" only when sites may be submitted for listing in the directory without payment of a fee, and without the requirement of a reciprocal link.

  • Abstract Directory

    Abstract Directory

    Free Web Directory

    Hits 795

    With a copyright of 2006, the Abstract Directory first appears in the Internet Archive on February 2, 2007. Sites may be submitted to the directory for free, with or without a reciprocal link, the advantage to a link-back being an earlier review time. Internal pages may not be submitted as regular links. Express links are $5, as a one-time fee, which are supposed to allow for deep links, but I don't see a field on the form for deep links. Featured links are $10 per year.
  • Ace Web Directory

    Ace Web Directory

    Business Directory

    Hits 2005

    The comprehensive general web directory offers a variety of topical categories, as well as a regional tree. Sites may be submitted for free, or a featured listing may be submitted for $17 per year or $35 for one-time payment.
  • Add Link Suggest

    Add Link Suggest

    Add Your Link

    Hits 1642

    Add Link Suggest was established in 2007 as a resource for webmasters and business owners to more easily research and organize search-related sites. Sites whose topics relate to the search engine industry may be submitted for free; only the URL, email, and category are requested.
  • Aeroseek


    Aviation Search Engine and Directory

    Hits 964

    With a focus on aviation, the aviation directory first appears in the Internet Archive on December 12, 1998. There is no charge for submitting a site listing, but registration with the site is required.
  • Africa TamTam

    Africa TamTam

    A new, fully searchable web directory dedicated to Africa

    Hits 876

    Specific to Africa, the web directory's content may be searched by topic or country. Submissions to the directory are free.
  • Afriline


    Business and information directory of African countries

    Hits 1824

    Afriline is a web directory of sites related to countries within the continent of Africa. There is no charge for submitting a site to the directory, but only African sites will be considered for acceptance. The directory's content may be found by browsing its topical categories, by country, or through site search.
  • Agora Directory

    Agora Directory


    Hits 537

    Agora Directory is a topical directory, except for its World category tree, which can accept sites in languages other than English, as well as regionally oriented topics. An account is required in order to submit a site to the directory, and several submission packages are available, from free to one-time payments of $5, $10, or $25.
  • Agricultural Directory

    Agricultural Directory

    Agriculture Business Directory

    Hits 841

    First appearing in the Internet Archive on March 16, 2009, the web directory features articles and links to online resources for agriculture and the related fields, such as animal husbandry, aquaculture, fisheries, forestry, horticulture, and others.
  • Agriculture B2B

    Agriculture B2B

    Where the land is business

    Hits 998

    The agriculture industry supports a variety of activities throughout the world. The Agriculture B2B is a listing of categorized agriculture topics. No formal means of submitting a site to the directory is presented, but there is a contact form that could be used for that purpose.
  • Agriculture Directory

    Agriculture Directory

    Hits 939

    The directory features links to news, business links for agriculture conferences, institutions, organizations, and publications, as well as agriculture history, education, products and services, as well as to related fields, including animals, aquaculture, fisheries, forestry, horticulture, field crops, and other topics. Submissions may be made to the director without payment of a fee, or requirement of a reciprocal link.