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PHP Link Directory

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PHP Link Directory is a web software product that organizes information in ways that are easily understood by site visitors, utilizing a category structure that is generally used to create directory sites.

phpLD comes preloaded with key search engine optimization features, such as page titles, descriptions, navigation, and SEO-friendly URLs built into the software. phpLD allows directory operators, or those using the software for other purposes, to organize their content so as to encourage a high click-through rate, incorporating such features as images and video, as well as other optionst that are available from within the administration panel.

Social features, such as Facebook and Disqus, allow users to interact with the content on the site. Other features include the incorporation of Google Maps on the link detail pages, showing users where a listed business is located, or map of multiple listed businesses on the category page. Other widgets incorporate YouTube videos and other resources.

Revenue building options that are built into phpLD include paid submissions for link reviews, paid article submissions, and the software’s use in promoting affiliate programs, as well as local business listings, and the use of Google AdSense code.

When a link-back to the PHP Link Directory page is retained in the footer, the cost for a license is $30; without it, the cost is $80. Other options, requiring the payment of a fee, include a screenshot processor, database backup, multi-directory checker, page rank updater, invalid links checker, and a link cleaner, as well as professional installations and upgrades.




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