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The Products & Services That Are Making Our World a Greener Place

Our Green Directory

Full Description

Created and managed by The Communication Catalysts, the directory seeks to acknowledge individuals and companies who are as green as their situations permit, as well as to promote green products and services. A basic directory listing costs $100, as a one-time payment. At a cost of $399 annually, a membership option includes a customizable page that may include up to three hundred words, a logo, and contact information.

For $399, the staff will research and develop content for a member page. Other options include a downloadable coupon, at a cost of $399, renewable annually, as well as a video display within the member page, at a cost of $299, also renewable annually.

Our Green Directory’s upper-level categories are Alternative Energy Solutions, Biodegradable and Compostable, Eco Bottled Water Systems, Eco Computers, Electronics and Systems Management, Eco Education and Environment, Eco Family & Community, Eco Food & Beverage Retail, Eco Garden Products and Services, Eco Specialty Stores, Eco Tourism & Travel, Eco-friendly Cleaning Services, Eco-friendly Construction & Renovation, Eco-friendly Design & Printing Services, Eco-friendly Sports Hobbies and Recreation, Environmental Consulting Services, Green Events, Green Transportation, Automotive and Fuel Efficiency, Natural Herbal Supplements, Organic Agriculture & Farming, Organic Food Stores, Restaurant or Cafe, Organic Personal Care Products, Organic Personal Care Services, Organic Pet Foods and Supplies, Recycled Clothing, and Recycling & Waste Management.

Its membership options and advertising information are put forward on separate pages, and a blog is also available.





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