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Founded in 1999, Lesson Planet lists curriculum for PK-12th grade teachers, offering more than 400,000 teacher-reviewed curriculum resources, which may be browsed or located using search criteria, which can be sorted by subject, grade, 2st Century Skills, Common Core, and state standards. New resources may be suggested, but every addition will be reviewed and rated by the directory staff, who are credentialed teachers.

Lesson Plans & Worksheets, Articles, EdTech PD Videos, Ed Apps, Standards, and Schools & Districts are topic areas that may be browsed, or topics may be found through its in-site search features.

Subpages for Lesson Plans include Health, Language Arts, Languages, Math, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Special Education, and Visual and Performing Arts.

Other pages include an About Us page, its privacy policies, terms of use, a disclaimer, contact information, a FAQ, and review guidelines. News and testimonials are also included.

The directory is intended for teachers. A 10-day free trial is offered. Otherwise, directory users may have access to the directory’s lesson plans, worksheets, educational videos, presentations, and other resources for $4.99 per month, which is billed in one payment of $59.88.





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