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Owned and maintained by the School of Library and Information Science at Kent State University, Kids Click is a web search site for children, designed by librarians, allowing its content to be found through a search field, by browsing topical categories, an alphabetical search, or by using the Dewey Decimal System.

KidsClick is not an Internet filter, and it does not prevent clients from surfing any URL address, but is intended to guide users to good web sites rather than blocking the bad ones. Its selection criteria is focused on adding sites that database contributors think children in grades K-7th will find entertaining or enlightening.

Commercial sites that offer only product ordering information will not be added, nor will those that have unsafe privacy features, those requiring a fee for access, or those with other specified objectionable content. Listed sites are chosen by the project’s database contributors, and the directory does not solicit outside submissions.

Its top-level categories are: The Arts, Biography, Computers & the Internet, Facts & Reference, Geography/History, Health & Family, Home & Household, Literature, Machines & Transportation, Popular Entertainment, Reading, Writing & Speaking, Religion & Mythology, Science & Math, Society & Government, Sports & Recreation, and Weird & Mysterious.

A search for digital media, such as Pictures, Sound, and Video, is also available.





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