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Kids OLR specializes in listing sites for children, from kindergarten through college age, as well as homeschooling, parent’s resources, and general education topics. There is no built-in means of submitting a site for consideration; although an email address is provided, the directory’s documentation states that all sites are chosen by the editor.

Kids OLR has been online since 2000, and first appears in the Internet Archive on January 24, 2001.

The directory’s upper-level category include Art/Music, Early Childhood, Entertainment, Fun/Favorites, Games/Toys, General Education, Geography, History, Homeschool/Curriculum, Internet Safety, Kids of the World, Language Arts, Math, Parent’s Resources, Reference, Science, Special Education & Health, Technical Support, Teen Resources, Zoos/Animals, Site Map, Fraction Tutorial, Beginning Math, Learning is Fun, Time Tutorial, Number System, and Whack a Capsule Game.





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