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iScripts EasyIndex

Full Description

The iScripts EasyIndex script is flexible enough to be appropriate for a number of business models, including regional or vertical business directories, or an industry-specific classifieds site. Intended to be a standalone directory site, the script supports all of the common features of a web directory, including listings, reviews, products, services, inquiries, forums, banners, and logos. Other features include Google maps and a sign in with Facebook functionality.

Following the purchase of the script, it can be installed on the buyer’s server, where the buyer will have complete control over the script and the site, as the site administrator. As the script does not use code encryption, it can be customized in order to accommodate specific needs. It may be integrated into an existing site or used as a full-featured, standalone business directory or classifieds site. Built-in business models are included.

Its features are explained in detail, including its requirements, screenshots, a demo, and pricing.

The price for the iScripts EasyIndex script is $147.00, which includes technical support for one year, which may be expanded to two years for $49.95 or to three years for $99.90. Although the script comes with an installer program, the company will install the script for $49.95. Customers who do not wish to display the iScripts copyright may remove it from the site for $300.00. New custom design and integration services costs $347.00, and new design integration is $247.00. The company also offers SEO services.




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