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Gossamer Threads is a Vancouver-based company that has been in business since 1995, offering a variety of web technology products, including Gossamer Links, which can be used to manage any kind of directory.

Gossamer Links can be powered by most major databases, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MySQL, and it is compliant with almost all platforms, such as Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris, and Unix.

Its core features include platform and database flexibility, file uploads, editors, search engine friendly URLs, XHTML and CSS support. Gossamer Links offers easy installation and updates, allows for unlimited expansions, and is fully customizable.

User features include What’s New pages, user reviews and a rating system, newsletters, link modifications, lost password features, hit tracking, cookie and URL sessions, bookmarks, advanced search, and link submissions.

Its administrative features include a search log, plugins, link verification and validation, language independent, globals, a category browser, framed pages, and custom fields.

The requirements for running Gossamer Links are stated, along with testimonials, and a manual. Hosted and licensed options are available. Gossamer Links sells for $450.00, which includes installation and free upgrades for a year. Hosting options begin at $125.00 per month, with no upfront license fees.

A demo is available online.




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