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Gimpsy is an Internet directory that organizes listed content differently than most other web directories. While other directories categorize sites according to the site’s subject, Gimpsy is chiefly concerned with the service that a site provides. Therefore, rather than browsing the directory by subject category, Gimpsy users will find it more effective to search for whatever service it is that they are seeking.

Featured sites will appear in response to appropriate questions being entered into the search field, while other sites are randomly generated, the order changing once a month. In this way, sites whose titles begin with the letter “A” are not given preference over those beginning with the letter “Z,” as is the case with most web directories.

Exceptions to this are sites that have won a place in a monthly auction, and awarded a red star, those that have entered into a reciprocal promotion agreement with Gimpsy, thus receiving a golden star, and new entries in Gimpsy, which receive a blue star for at least one calendar month. Additionally site owners may bid for placement in the search results.

Sites may be submitted to the directory without payment of a fee, through a standard promotion, for a one-time payment of $29, or by premium promotion, costing a one-time fee of $49.


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