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Produced by Premium Press Limited, DirectoryPress uses a WordPress platform to create a directory theme that can be used for a variety of purposes. Those who are familiar with WordPress will have a much easier time with DirectoryPress than will those who have not used the WordPress platform extensively.

After our directory crashed while operating a qlWebDS Pro script, the WDR Directory of Directories has been rebuilt using DirectoryPress and I can tell you that, while the theme certainly has promise, neither is it without its difficulties. True to its advertising, the theme will install through WordPress easily and quickly. From that point on, it gets somewhat more difficult, although those who are very familiar with the WordPress platform may not have much trouble with it.

I have had great difficulty getting subcategories to display properly and they are still not displaying as I would like them to display and, while Premium Press touts its 24/7 tech support, there is very little reason to waste time writing to them. So far, other than a valid answer to one question that I had, albeit without a solution, I have never received an even remotely satisfactory response from tech support on any of the several matters that I have requested help with. Typically, when I have asked them how to accomplish some task in DirectoryPress, the answer has been that it can’t be done, although this is often presented in such a way as to indicate that no human being ever actually read my tech support request. When I do receive an answer that appears to have been sent by a human being, the feeling that I get is that if they worked in a supermarket, they would be telling customers that the store didn’t carry bread rather than bothering to learn where the bakery department was.

However, on the positive side, although it’s hit and miss, they do have a user support area where customers of DirectoryPress, or other Premium Press products, may respond with helpful answers to any questions you may have. More than once, customers of DirectoryPress have told me how to do things that tech support had told me couldn’t be done.

Also on the positive side, once a license for DirectoryPress has been purchased, it can be used on as many domains as you wish, without payment of any additional fees. Although, unless things begin to get easier, I don’t know that I would want to go through this again on another domain.

My belief is that the DirectoryPress theme holds a lot of promise, and I do not doubt that someone with a firm understanding and comfort level with WordPress, in general, would be able to create a fine directory with far fewer problems than I have had with it. If tech support were to make some attempt to be helpful at some point, or if I can learn my way around it without them, I might grow to appreciate DirectoryPress in time. At this point, the best that I can say is that it’s interesting, but troublesome.

There are several optional features that may be possible through DirectoryPress, although figuring out how to accomplish intended objectives can be difficult.

According to its promises, there are no limitations or restrictions on the amount of content that can be added to a directory created with DirectoryPress.

As a setting within WordPress, the directory will create search engine friendly pages, using a variety of permalink settings, including those utilizing the date and name of the article, the month and name of the article, numeric, or simply the article name within the URL. Custom structures are also available.

Management of the directory is done through the WordPress administrative panel, and DirectoryPress does include several helpfiles and short videos that are truly useful, many of them available from within the appropriate area of the admin panel, where they are likely to be needed.

The theme comes with eight general templates, many with varying color structures. Plus, it is not difficult to make significant modifications to the templates from within the administration area, and to revert back to the default if something goes awry.

On the date of this review (May 17, 2013), the cost for DirectoryPress is $79. The DirectoryPress states that this price is a sale price, this month only, and that the regular price for the theme is $199, although I paid $79 for it several months ago.




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