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CrossGuide is a directory of Christian websites, or sites that are Christian in nature, which are organized into categories and subcategories. Its upper-level categories are Auto, Business Resources & Shopping, Buy & Sell, Christian & Bible Resources, Christian Music, Churches, Education, Employment, Entertainment, Family Resources, Featured, Finance, Health & Beauty, Immigration, History & Politics, Industrial & Agricultural, Legal Services, Ministries & Organizations, Missions, News & Events, Personal, Personal Pages, Publishing, Real Estate, Recreation, Regional & Non English, Rent/Hire, Special Deals, Uncategorized, Websites & Computer Services.

Its topics may be found through browsing categories and subcategories, or by using an in-site search.

Registration with the directory is required in order to submit a site for inclusion, and submissions require a reciprocal link, either back to the directory or to another domain on the network. Site descriptions permit the use of up to one thousand characters.





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