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Online since 2008, Click Animal categorizes and lists sites relating to animals and pets, wildlife, animal health, rescue organizations and shelters, zoos and zoology, animal supplies, and advice on a variety of animal issues. Listings in the directory require the payment of an annual fee, each option including listings in other directories and websites.

The cost for a Premium Listing is $7.95 per year, which allows up to a 15-word description and a listing in two additional directories related to animals.

Sponsored Listings are $29.95, annually, which includes a listing in sixteen other related directories, three of which are named, and three relevant websites, with a 25-word description.

Animal Traffic Package 1 provides a listing in twenty-five sites related to animals, including sixteen other directories apart from Click Animal, six of which are named, and three other relevant websites. The cost is $79.00 per year.

For a $149.00 annual fee, Animal Traffic Package 2 offers a listing in Click Animal, as well as ten sponsored listings and twenty-five regular links related to animals, including six named directories, twenty-three other directories, and six other relevant sites.

Animal Traffic Package 3 offers a listing in fifty animal-related sites, including six directories that are listed here, thirty-two other relevant categories, and twelve other relevant sites, at a cost of $149.00 per year.

According to the directory’s submission page, the stated fees for its Traffic Package’s are a special offer, its normal fees being $199, $373, and $473, respectively.

The directory’s upper-level categories are Advice & Guides, Animal Behavior, Animal Welfare, Animals & Wildlife, Birds, Cats, Chat & Forums, Comparative Anatomy, Developmental Biology, Directories, Dogs, Entomology, Exotic Pets, Ferrets, Fish & Aquariums, Gerbils, Hamsters, Health, Horses, Information & Resources, Marine Biology, Ornithology, Parasitology, Potbellied Pigs, Products & Services, Rabbits, Rescue & Shelters, Simple Life Forms, Supplies, Taxonomy, Traveling With Pets, Veterinary Science, Wildlife, Zoology, and Zoos & Aquariums.

Other pages include About Us, Link to Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, and Animal Articles.





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