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A webmaster might also be known as a web architect, web developer, site author, site developer, or website administrator, and is the person who is responsible for maintaining one or more websites.

The duties of a webmaster might include designing the website, creating or revising the site's pages, or ensuring that web servers, hardware and software are operating correctly.

A webmaster may or may not actually participate in the design of the site, as many webmasters hire professional web designers for those services. Depending on the nature of the websites that they manage, however, webmasters are generally familiar with HTML, as well as with scripting languages such as JavaScript, PHP, and Perl. In some cases, webmasters might be responsible for configuring web servers or Internet Information Services.

The basic responsibilities of a webmaster are to regulate and manage the access rights of different users of a website, the appearance and setup of site navigation, and content development and placement.

In the case of personal websites, the webmaster is usually the person who owns the domain. Businesses sometimes employ someone in-house to server as the webmaster of the company's website, but most will hire independent contractors who work from their home or office on a contract basis. Large companies may contract with a third-party to manage the company's online presence; in these cases, the webmaster is responsible for design and function, but not content.

At one time, webmasters would design sites from scratch, using HyperText Markup Language (HTML), but modern HTML editors and web creation interfaces make it possible for anyone to be a webmaster today, with little or no knowledge of HTML, as WYSIWYG programs do all the coding.

A webmaster directory typically lists sites that offer or serve as resources to webmasters, although some may include related content as well.

  • 321 Webmaster

    321 Webmaster

    All the resources you need to design, develop & manage a successful website

    Hits 1334

    The 321 Webmaster directory features free tools and webmaster resources for designing, developing, and managing a website. Submissions to the directory require a reciprocal link, and only webmaster resource sites are accepted.
  • Add Link Suggest

    Add Link Suggest

    Add Your Link

    Hits 1641

    Add Link Suggest was established in 2007 as a resource for webmasters and business owners to more easily research and organize search-related sites. Sites whose topics relate to the search engine industry may be submitted for free; only the URL, email, and category are requested.
  • Big Webmaster

    Big Webmaster

    Webmaster Resources

    Hits 649

    Established in 2000, the directory lists links to CGI scripts, programs, tutorials, books, and other resources for webmasters, directors and programmers. Resources may be submitted to the directory for free, as a standard submission. Express submissions are reviewed within seven business days and, if approved, are listed towards the top of the category. The fee for an express submission is $50, with additional monthly fees for added benefits.
  • Irka Webmaster Directory

    Irka Webmaster Directory

    Webmaster Resources & Directory

    Hits 718

    Affiliated with Irka Web Design, the directory operates on a PHP Link Directory script, and features links to a variety of resources helpful to webmasters. The cost for a regular link submission is a one-time fee of $9.95, with or without a reciprocal link. Featured links are $19.95, also for a lifetime listing.
  • Scripts.com


    Scripts Directory of PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Java, Javascript, Perl

    Hits 1210

    Established in 2004, Scripts.com allows script authors to upload their scripts for free, and for webmasters and others to download them for free, although sponsorships are available. Sponsored listings appear above other listings in the categories and searches that they are included in.
  • Webmaster Catalog

    Webmaster Catalog

    Webmaster Resources & Directory

    Hits 645

    Purely non-commercial sites may be submitted for free, otherwise a reciprocal link is required. Paid options include a Copper listing, which requires an annual fee of $4.95, and will appear above regular listings. A Silver listing costs $29.95 a year, and will be listed above Copper sites, along with some other amenities. Gold listings are $99.95, as a one-time fee, and will be listed at the top of the category.
  • Webmaster Directory

    Webmaster Directory

    Powered by DirectoryCritic.Com

    Hits 653

    As its name implies, Webmaster Directory is focused on listing sites that will be of interest to people running websites, arranged into several topical categories. Submissions to the directory are fee-based, with three options.
  • Webmaster Directory Biz

    Webmaster Directory Biz


    Hits 660

    Online since 2005, Webmaster Directory Biz is a collection of sites whose topics relate to web hosting, web design, scripts and programming, search engine optimization, Internet marketing, software development, and other issues of interest to webmasters.
  • Webmasters Galaxy

    Webmasters Galaxy

    Webmaster Directory

    Hits 663

    Powered by phpLinkDirectory, the Webmasters Galaxy web directory offers links to a variety of webmaster resources and related topics. Regular links may be submitted for free; a reciprocal link is requested but it is unclear whether it is required. Paid options include $6 for an express link, or $15 per year for a featured link.