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Web Design

Web design refers to the planning and creation of web sites. This may include a number of variable, such as user interface, structure, navigation, layout, color choices, fonts, and the use of images. The web designer is tasked with combining these to create a web site that meets the demands of the client. This includes, of course, design, with color coordination and navigation being the chief priorities.

Web designers should have a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and Flash, although this will differ from one designer to another, and according to the types of clients sought. Some web designers also advertise web hosting and search engine optimization services, although these are not generally considered to be a part of web design.

Some designers will cover all of these aspects, handling all of the tasks involved in the creation of a web site, from start to finish, while web design firms may utilize a number of people, each specializing in different aspects of web design.

Depending on the needs, or budgets, of the client, a web designer may be employed to handle only one portion of the web site, which may include the layout, coloring, and typography of the web page, while the client, or a third-party web developer, handles the rest of the job. At times, a web designer may be employed only to create visuals for the web site, such as logos or layouts.

Directories of web designers are appropriate for this category, not the directory design sites themselves. As this is a directory of directories, we list directories, not web sites. As it may pertain to web design, an exception includes the Directory Design subcategory of our Directory Operation tree, where we will list web designers who advertise, as a speciality, the design or modification of web directory scripts. Designers who specialize in directory design usually offer general web design services as well, and these services may be defined within the description of the site.

  • Design Firms

    Design Firms

    The Ultimate Design Directory Since 2003

    Hits 847

    The directory of design firms, established in 2003, showcases web and graphic designers, mobile and desktop application development professionals, social media and traditional marketing consultants within the United States and intenationally, arranged geographically, and by service.
  • Designer Listings

    Designer Listings

    listings of creative and design related websites

    Hits 877

    Focusing on topics related to design, the human edited, niche directory categorizes its listings into fourteen categories. Its categories are 3D Design, Advertising Design, Animation, Architecture, Graphic Design, Illustration, Logo and Branding, Photography, Print Design, Product Design, SEO, Typographical Design, Video Production, and Web Design and Development, the latter being the only one with subcategories at this time.
  • Dexigner


    Comprehensive database of hand-picked design-related sites

    Hits 1232

    Dexigner is a portal for designers, architects, illustrators, engineers, artists, and other creative people. Founded in 2001, it first appears in the Internet Archive on February 5, 2002. Apart from its directory, the site publishes articles on design topics, hosts competitions and events, and publishes a newsletter.
  • United States Web Design Directory

    United States Web Design Directory

    web designers

    Hits 1249

    Boasting more than four thousand listings for web designers and related services, the directory's content may be browsed by page or filtered by state or by services offered.
  • WDD Designers & Business Directory

    WDD Designers & Business Directory

    A directory of design firms and general businesses.

    Hits 2199

    The WDD Designers & Business Directory lists and categorizes sites whose topics relate to web site design, web developing, programming, marketing and consulting, as well as domain and hosting providers, graphic artists and related services, categorized by state, country and topic. General business sites are also included.
  • Web Design Directory

    Web Design Directory

    We bring together the best web designers and their customers

    Hits 802

    Featuring listings of web designers and developers, the directory organizes its content into eight chief topic areas, which are Web Site Design, Marketing & Advertising, Domain Names, Computers & Software, Web Hosting, E-Commerce, Programming & Development, and Searching the Web, which includes most of the resources that a webmaster may need.
  • Web Design Directory UK

    Web Design Directory UK


    Hits 1338

    WDD claims over a thousand listings for web designers, web design agencies, search engine optimization consultants, email marketing firms, freelancers, and hosting companies located in, or servicing, the United Kingdom. There are three submission options: reciprocal, £24.99+VAT, or £59.99+VAT, each of the paid options being for one year.
  • Web Designers by State

    Web Designers by State

    Website Design Directory

    Hits 577

    Local web design, graphic design, and multimedia design companies throughout the United States can be found in the Web Designers by State directory. Its upper-level categories feature the fifty states, beneath which there are subcategories for several cities.
  • Web Designers Directory

    Web Designers Directory

    The Complete Web Design Resource

    Hits 3182

    Constrained to the United States, the directory includes web designers from throughout the country. Apart from its chief focus of listing designers and design firm, the directory also includes web design blogs, template and tutorial sites, CSS and web design galleries, and other resources. Registration is required in order to submit a listing, which requires a reciprocal link. Paid options include banner advertising, site-wide or on specific pages.
  • Web-Development


    The largest directory of web designers in the world

    Hits 580

    First appearing in the Internet Archive on January 15, 1998, the directory lists web designers throughout the world, categorizing them by location. Designers may be listed in the directory for free, with no paid options other than advertising.