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Travel refers to the movement of people between geographical locations, usually distant. Travel may refer to movement by foot, bicycle, automobile or motorcycle, bus, train, boat, by air, or any other means, and may be one-way or round trip. Travelers may stay for periods of time at various locations before moving on.

People may travel for a number of reasons, including vacations, recreational travel, tourism, or in order to visit relatives or others. Travel may also refer to religious pilgrimages or mission trips, business travel, or migration.

Many people will make their own travel arrangements, while others may avail themselves of the services of a travel agency that provides travel and tourism services, arranging for such things as airlines, car rentals, hotels, railway transport, or even package tours.

Other travel agencies serve as general sales agents for foreign travel companies, having offices in countries other than those in which their headquarters are located.

A travel agency's chief function is to act as an agent, selling travel products and services on behalf of a supplier. Travel agencies are not as much in use today as they once were, as many airlines have stopped the policy of paying commissions to travel agencies, forcing the agencies to charge either a percentage premium or a standard flat fee.

This category features travel directories, which may focus on destinations, on travel agencies, on travel services, or on other travel resources.

  • Directory Adventure

    Directory Adventure

    Hits 630

    Offering resources related to adventure travel, such as hunting, hiking, fishing, camping, water rafting, wildlife, sports, and adventure, the directory first appears in the Internet Archive on May 7, 2006. Submissions are fee-based, with its Pro Listings costing $19.95 per year, while Premium Listings are $99.95 per year.
  • Directory Trip

    Directory Trip

    Travel Web Directory

    Hits 552

    Established in 2007, Directory Trip is an online web directory of sites related to travel, tour operations, lodges, hotels, vacation rentals, transportation options, and other travel resources. Submissions to the directory are fee-based, and include links on additional directories and sites.
  • Hotel and Travel Directory

    Hotel and Travel Directory

    Hits 557

    The focus of this directory is on guest lodging accommodations, throughout the world. First appearing in the Internet Archive on August 12, 2007, site submissions are fee-based. Regular listings are $15, as a one-time payment, or $10 a year with a reciprocal link. Featured links are $40 per year. Up to five hundred characters are permitted in a site descriptions.
  • Only Tourist

    Only Tourist

    World Travel and Tourist Directory

    Hits 604

    The Only Tourist web directory first appears in the Internet Archive on February 17, 2007, focusing on listing links to travel and tourism resources, sorted into ten upper-level categories, with options for users to search geographically. Submissions to the directory require either a reciprocal link or the payment of a fee.
  • The Travel Web Directory

    The Travel Web Directory

    Hits 552

    There are three submission options, each requiring annual payments. A basic listing is $29 a year, while the $39 special listing includes a highlighted listing, and a featured listing is $49 a year, which will appear at the top of category results, as well as some other features.
  • Tourist Click

    Tourist Click

    Travel Directory

    Hits 875

    Tourist Click is a travel and tourist directory, online since 2004. The directory may be browsed topic or by destination, and sites may be submitted to the directory in return for a reciprocal link or the payment of a fee.
  • Travel & Tourism Directory

    Travel & Tourism Directory

    Hits 629

    Travel & Tourism Directory first appears in the Internet Archive on September 13, 2008, and as its name implies, its focus is on travel and tourism. Links may be submitted to the directory for free, with or without a reciprocal link, the difference being a faster review time with a reciprocal link, which must be placed on the home page of the listed site. Featured listings are $19.95 per year.
  • Travel Index

    Travel Index

    Connecting Travel People

    Hits 614

    Travel Index is a repository of information and resources for the travel industry, connecting travelers and travel professionals directly. Business links can be added to the directory for free. Membership allows for a full listing, with extensive business information, at a cost of $284.25 per year.
  • Travel Org

    Travel Org

    The Directory of Travel

    Hits 634

    Established in 1995, Travel Org first appears in the Internet Archive on November 19, 1996. The cost to submit a site to the directory is $40 for one link or $75 for two. Description lengths are limited to twenty words or less.
  • Trip Advisor

    Trip Advisor

    Plan Your Perfect Trip

    Hits 569

    Trip Advisor offers advice from travelers, as well as a variety of other travel choices and planning features, such as links to booking tools. Operating in several countries, Trip Advisor allows registered users for review and comment on hotels, restaurants, and various flight options.