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Shopping, of course, refers to the act of looking for something to buy, and a shop is a business that offers goods or services for sale to customers for money or trade.

For the purposes of categorization, the Shopping area in the WDR Directory of Directories is reserved for directories of shops or goods available from a number of shops. We are not interested in listing a store's merchandise or inventory as a directory, nor will we consider affiliate sites to be shopping directories.

General or topical web directories which, quite naturally, include a large number of businesses selling products or services, are not necessarily shopping directories. A rule of thumb there, is that if you can list something that that doesn't relate to shopping, then it's not a shopping directory. We may list it, but not in the Shopping category.

  • Shopping Directory Shopping Directory

    E-commerce and Shopping Online

    Hits 1315

    The Shopping Directory first appeared in the Internet Archive on October 13, 1999. There are three types of submissions to, none of them guaranteeing acceptance. Basic submissions will display the site's link in the category that it was accepted into, but with no fixed position. A longer description of the site is available in a details page. An express submission will list the site in a priority position, above basic links but below sponsored links. The site's detail page may include a longer description, where subscribers can publish an extra, internal, link to the site. Sponsored submissions are listed at the top of the category to which they are accepted, and page subscribers may publish up to five internal links to their site in the site's details page, any of them with a related description.
  • Epooch Shopping Directory

    Epooch Shopping Directory

    online stores with shopping carts

    Hits 878

    The Epooch domain first appears in the Internet Archive on March 2, 2001, but it was a pet portal until 2005, appearing as a directory for the first time on December 14 of that year. Powered by a TOLRA directory script, the Epooch Shopping Directory is pretty much dedicated to listing online stores, with shopping carts.
  • Great Shopping Directory

    Great Shopping Directory

    Guides to Online Shopping Related Web Links

    Hits 629

    The online shopping directory offers categorized and searchable listings of apparel, art, beauty products, computers, entertainment items, gifts, health products, jewelry, sports products, toys, and outdoor products and equipment. Submissions to the directory are fee-based.
  • Home & Garden Shopping Directory

    Home & Garden Shopping Directory

    Hits 685

    The Home & Garden Shopping Directory features sites whose topics relate to home and garden products. Regular listings may be submitted to the directory for a one-time payment of $25, while featured links are $100. Three deep links may be included with either.
  • Shopping Directory

    Shopping Directory


    Hits 662

    Shopping Directory shows a copyright of 2005, although it first appears in the Internet Archive on May 19, 2011. Its content is organized into the following upper-level categories: Clothing, Crafts, Food, Health, Home and Garden, Jewelry, Publications, Recreation, Sports, and Vehicles.
  • Top Shoppers

    Top Shoppers

    Shopping Directory

    Hits 573

    Online since 2006, the directory focuses on listing shopping sites, listing companies and sites offering a variety of products. Fee and paid submission options are offered, including a one-time $59.95 submission fee for its preferred vendor option.