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Retro refers to aspects of culture that are derivative or imitative of fashions, trends, or attitudes of the recent past, but which have come to be seen as unfashionable by many.

Generally, retro is used to refer to a vintage of at least fifteen to twenty years in the past, but fewer than twenty-five. The word is derived from the Latin prefix, which means "backwards" or "in past times," as used in the words "retrograde" or "retrospective." Usually, the word is used to refer to something nostalgic, and mostly used in a positive sense. The first recorded use of the word was in 1974.

This category is for sites whose content is retro, and not as a reference to the category design and, for the purposes of categorization, this would be an appropriate place for directories whose content is focused on vintage or antique subjects, although the words are not wholly synonymous.

Generally used in reference to wine, vintage may also be used to describe a group or collection of people or things sharing certain characteristics, or of the year or period of origin of a thing, as in a 1975 vintage automobile. In more general terms, vintage might be used to describe something that is old or outmoded.

Something is said to be antique when it is both old and collectible, generally because of its age, rarity, appearance, condition, utility, or an emotional connection that people may have to an item. An antique is an object that represents a previous era or period. For the most part, the word is applied to things that are at least eighty years old.

  • Classic, Veteran & Vintage Car Directory

    Classic, Veteran & Vintage Car Directory

    UK Directory

    Hits 1096

    The Classic, Veteran & Vintage Cars Directory allows users to browse its listings by category, by company, region, or county. Additionally, an in-site search allows searches by keyword or key phrase.
  • Old Gas Web Directory

    Old Gas Web Directory

    Primarily Petroliana - Old Gas Memorabilia

    Hits 710

    Hosted by Primarily Petroliana, the gas station and auto service collectibles site connects gas station antique collectors, dealers, publishers and service providers together, providing an online discussion forum, photographs, and other resources, as well as its web directory.
  • Retro Thing

    Retro Thing

    vintage gadgets & technology

    Hits 847

    Although more of a blog than a directory, Retro Thing highlights retro gadgets and other items, offers reviews, and posts links to sites where they can be purchased, or more information can be found, so it also serves as a directory. Tips and story ideas may also be submitted to the site.
  • The Vintage List

    The Vintage List

    the best in vintage online

    Hits 673

    The Vintage List consists of a variety of resources, including a Vintage Shop Directory, a Vintage Communities Directory, and a Vintage Blog Directory, and their subcategories. The cost for submissions are for lifetime memberships, but with differing costs depending on which directory or category the site will be submitted to.
  • We Heart Vintage Directory

    We Heart Vintage Directory

    your place to find everything vintage

    Hits 648

    The We Heart Vintage Directory is new. Established sometime in 2013, it had not been archived by the Internet Archive until I added it a few moments ago. There is no charge for submitting a listing to the directory, although a listing may be upgraded to a premium listing for a cost of $35 per year, which gives the advantage of being displayed on the front page of the category. A 250x250 pixel banner may be included with a premium listing.