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Religion refers to an organized set of beliefs regarding the existence, nature and worship of a deity or deities, or, in a more general sense, the beliefs, values and attitudes that people live by.

For the sake of categorization here, we will be considering atheism to be a religion, as it does involve a set of beliefs about the existence, nature and worship of a deity, and the fact that there are several atheistic organizations in existence. Besides, the Supreme Court determined that atheism was a religion when that body decided that atheism was to be afforded equal protection with religions under the First Amendment to the Constitution. There have also been churches created by atheists to secure legal rights, to ordain clergy, as well as for advocacy purposes.

There are several types of religions, throughout history and in current practice, the largest of which are derivatives or variations of Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Christianity and Islam might themselves be considered a derivative of Islam, as they share the same origins.

Any directory whose focus is on listing websites relating to religion may be listed in this category, to which subcategories will be added as they are needed. Possible gray areas include Education, Ethnic, and perhaps others. In the event that a directory could appropriately be listed in more than one category, we will choose the one category that seems to be the most appropriate given the content of the directory.

  • Al-Islami


    Find answers to all of your questions about Islam

    Hits 619

    Online since at least June 23, 2002, when it first appears in the Internet Archive, Al-Islami offers links to a variety of resources providing information about Islam, intended for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. There is no charge for submitting a relevant site.
  • Believe: Church Directory

    Believe: Church Directory

    Submit a Church

    Hits 814

    Believe is a faith-based content portal serving the Christian community, offering a number of resources, one of them being a directory of Christian churches. Churches within the United States and Canada may be located by browsing by state/province and city, or searched by denomination and location.
  • Best Psychic Directory

    Best Psychic Directory

    Helping You Locate Reputable & Legitimate Psychics & Mediums

    Hits 1014

    Maintained by Bob Olson, psychic medium researcher, the directory features a list of psychics and mediums, who may be located by name, location, or specialty. Listings may be submitted to the directory for free, but featured listings are also available.
  • Big Church Directory

    Big Church Directory

    Christian Church Directory

    Hits 564

    Established in 2005, Big Church Directory offers links to online information about churches, Christian services and stores around the world, and other resources. Registration is required in order to use many of the functions of the directory, such as adding listings and reviews, although a listing can be suggested without registering for an account.
  • Christian Business Directory

    Christian Business Directory

    Hits 1257

    Nondenominational in its focus, the Christian Business Directory lists Christian businesses and professional people from various denominations. Published in paper form since 1989, the directory has been online since at least June 16, 2006, when it first appears in the Internet Archive. While churches and non-profit ministries may be listed for free, advertising fees are applied for other Christian businesses and resources.
  • Christian Website

    Christian Website

    Hits 635

    The Christian Website directory lists Christian-based or Christian-oriented websites, sorted into a variety of topical categories. There is no charge for submitting a site to the directory, but registration is required.
  • Christian Websites Directory

    Christian Websites Directory

    Christian Websites Search Engine

    Hits 855

    Established in 1995, the Christian Websites Directory is maintained by WebTech Design Group, which offers Christian web design and hosting services. Although references are made to free listings, I haven't been able to figure out how to submit a free listing. There are three levels of paid listings available.
  • CrossGuide


    Christian Websites, Businesses, Products, and Services Directory

    Hits 794

    The directory features websites whose topics are Christian in nature, organized in a number of categories and subcategories. Registration with the directory is required in order to submit a site for inclusion, and submission requires a reciprocal link, either to the directory or to one of the other domains on the network.
  • Directory Christian

    Directory Christian

    Since 2005

    Hits 724

    Directory Christian features links to websites offering Christian books, information about denominations, missions, arts, evangelism, software, periodicals, and other resources. Submissions are fee-based, each option offering listings on other Christian sites as well as this one.
  • Directory Religion

    Directory Religion

    searchable resources for all major religions

    Hits 745

    Directory Religion is a human-edited directory featuring web listings on a wide variety of topics related to religion in general, as well as atheism, agnosticism, and specific religions.