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Niche Directories

A niche directory is one that is narrowly focused, generally on one specific topic or narrow range of topics. An example of a niche directory would be those which only list medical websites. A directory of Christian churches would also be a niche directory, but so would a directory that covers a wider range of religions until, at some point, the decision of whether a directory is to be classified as a niche directory of a general directory would be subjective.

Technically speaking, a directory that lists only sites within the United States, or one of its states or cities, might be considered a niche directory. However, rather than having regionally oriented subcategories within two different category trees, for the purposes of categorization within the WDR Directory of Directories, I have opted to place them within the Regional subcategories of the General Directories tree, as many of them do cover a wide range of topics, albeit within a restricted geographical area.

Currently, the WDR Directory of Directories includes, within the Niche Directories tree, subcategories for Education, Environment, Ethnic, Health, Religion, Under 21, and Web Design. Others will be created, and these may be further subdivided, as it becomes necessary.

For the combined purposes of search engine optimization and the likelihood of receiving direct traffic from a web directory, a listing in a niche directory related to the topic may be more valuable than a listing in an appropriate category of a general web directory, as an appropriate listing in reputable niche directory may be given significant weight by a search engine, and people who are interested in your topic are more likely to be browsing an on-topic niche directory than a general web directory.

  • Craft Site Directory

    Craft Site Directory

    Your Guide to Arts and Crafts on the Internet

    Hits 959

    Featuring links to instructional and tutorial sites on a variety of crafting topics, including craft projects and patterns, craft shops, and art galleries, which are sorted into several topical categories.
  • Crafty Tips

    Crafty Tips

    where crafters share their favorite websites & crafting tips

    Hits 774

    Featuring links to crafting websites, photographs, and crafting tips, the Crafty Tips directory has been online since 2006. Its content is sorted by a variety of topical categories, with other pages including tips for selling crafts online, new listings, popular listings, and a blog.
  • CrossGuide


    Christian Websites, Businesses, Products, and Services Directory

    Hits 778

    The directory features websites whose topics are Christian in nature, organized in a number of categories and subcategories. Registration with the directory is required in order to submit a site for inclusion, and submission requires a reciprocal link, either to the directory or to one of the other domains on the network.
  • Deaf Websites

    Deaf Websites

    Hits 715

    Deafness may refer to a complete hearing loss, as well as to the frequency of sounds that a person may or may not hear, whether the loss was from birth or acquired later in life. The Deaf Websites directory features a variety of resources for, or related to, those who are deaf. Sites may be suggested by email, and there are no submission fees.
  • Deer Farms

    Deer Farms

    Deer Farm Directory Listing & Advertising Service

    Hits 621

    Products and services relating to the deer farming industry are listed in this directory, established in 1999, which categorizes its content according to geographical location. Location categories include states within the United States, as well as Canada, Europe, and New Zealand.
  • Design Firms

    Design Firms

    The Ultimate Design Directory Since 2003

    Hits 835

    The directory of design firms, established in 2003, showcases web and graphic designers, mobile and desktop application development professionals, social media and traditional marketing consultants within the United States and intenationally, arranged geographically, and by service.
  • Designer Listings

    Designer Listings

    listings of creative and design related websites

    Hits 864

    Focusing on topics related to design, the human edited, niche directory categorizes its listings into fourteen categories. Its categories are 3D Design, Advertising Design, Animation, Architecture, Graphic Design, Illustration, Logo and Branding, Photography, Print Design, Product Design, SEO, Typographical Design, Video Production, and Web Design and Development, the latter being the only one with subcategories at this time.
  • Dexigner


    Comprehensive database of hand-picked design-related sites

    Hits 1217

    Dexigner is a portal for designers, architects, illustrators, engineers, artists, and other creative people. Founded in 2001, it first appears in the Internet Archive on February 5, 2002. Apart from its directory, the site publishes articles on design topics, hosts competitions and events, and publishes a newsletter.
  • Dilawctory


    find law firms and free legal information

    Hits 811

    The Dilawctory web directory first appears in the Internet Archive on December 15, 2010, specializing in listing sites representing law firms, law institutions, lawyers, advocates, solicitors, and barristers. Sites may be submitted to the directory for free, but its submission form warns of wait time of up to six months for free listings, while paid submissions are reviewed within one day.
  • Directory Adventure

    Directory Adventure

    Hits 616

    Offering resources related to adventure travel, such as hunting, hiking, fishing, camping, water rafting, wildlife, sports, and adventure, the directory first appears in the Internet Archive on May 7, 2006. Submissions are fee-based, with its Pro Listings costing $19.95 per year, while Premium Listings are $99.95 per year.