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The law refers to a system of rules by which a society is governed. Depending on the type of government in place, laws may be established through legislation by a vote of the legislators for a political body, or they may be established by executive decree, by regulations established by a regulatory body, by judges through binding precedents, or even between individuals through legally binding contracts.

Laws may also be established by religious bodies, particularly Islamic or Jewish, although Christianity and other religions have shaped the laws of many secular governments.

Laws serve as a mediator between governments and the people who live within their jurisdiction, and as a mediator of relations between individuals.

Laws are enforced in various ways. In most cases, governments will employ an enforcement body, such as a police department, or this function may be served by the military.

Most governments also employ a system of lawyers, counselors, or solicitors, who are said to be practicing law. Generally, a lawyer or lawyers will be employed, either at the cost of the state or by the accused, to represent an accused person, while another lawyer or lawyers will represent the interests of the accusing body, whether it be a government or, in the case of civil law, an accusing individual, corporation, or organization. The precise role of a lawyer will vary depending on the legal jurisdiction.

Usually, judges are employed, who preside over court hearings, either alone or as a part of a panel of judges. The precise powers, functions, and methods of appointment of judges will also vary greatly between governments. In most cases, a judge is supposed to represent an impartial arbiter, who will listen to the cases provided by both sides and come to a decision, or ruling.

In some jurisdictions, the power of a judge is shared by a jury, which is a sworn body of individuals who are convened for the purpose of rendering an impartial verdict as to the guilt or innocence of an accused person. In some jurisdictions, a jury may also set a penalty or judgement while in others, this role is assumed by the judge.

For the purposes of categorization within the WDR Directory of Directories, any web directory whose focus is on the legal system, as a whole or in part, may be listed in this category. For example, a general law directory may be listed here, as may one that is focused on listing attorneys.

  • Dilawctory


    find law firms and free legal information

    Hits 828

    The Dilawctory web directory first appears in the Internet Archive on December 15, 2010, specializing in listing sites representing law firms, law institutions, lawyers, advocates, solicitors, and barristers. Sites may be submitted to the directory for free, but its submission form warns of wait time of up to six months for free listings, while paid submissions are reviewed within one day.
  • eLegal


    World’s Largest Directory of Criminal Attorneys, Bail Bond Companies & Private Investigators

    Hits 719

    Online since 2014, the directory specializes in listing websites and information about criminal attorneys, bail bondsmen, and private investigators, and is arranged within these categories, and then by state and city.
  • JurisPro Expert Witness Directory

    JurisPro Expert Witness Directory

    Where attorneys look to find experts

    Hits 2870

    Established in 2006, JurisPro is an online directory of expert witnesses for the legal community, offering resumes, photographs, and background information on listed experts, including the ability to hear the expert speak and access contact information, as well as a web address. The directory's content may be browsed by expert witness categories or by state. In-site search is also available.
  • Law Firm Directory

    Law Firm Directory

    find an attorney directory

    Hits 616

    The Law Firm Directory first appears in the Internet Archive on July 9, 2005, arranging its content into categories that are primarily based on areas of practice, and secondarily by state.
  • Legal Global

    Legal Global

    Premium Legal Directory

    Hits 679

    Established in 2013 and managed by Heritage Law Marketing, Legal Global lists attorneys by country, state, or area of practice. According to site documentation, a licensing verification process is undertaken, for the purpose of making sure that they are in good standing with the agency issuing their license. Submissions are fee-based, with two available options.
  • My Legal Practice

    My Legal Practice

    find law firms and attorneys

    Hits 749

    Established in 2006, My Legal Practice is an Internet directory of United States law firms, lawyers, advocates, and attorneys. Categorized primarily by area of practice, and secondarily by state, the directory may include, for each firm, when available, a web address, description, areas of practice, address, and contact numbers, as well as the opportunity for users to rate or review the firm.