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The Issues category is an eclectic one that may include a variety of topics, including conspiracies, political other issues, survivalism, and the paranormal. Others may also be added to this category as we come across them.

Educational, environmental, ethnic, health, and religious issues will be categorized in separate categories, such as Education, Environment, Ethnic, Health, and Religion.

  • Altruists Web Directory

    Altruists Web Directory

    Re-establishing altruism as a viable social norm

    Hits 662

    Maintained by Altruists International, the directory specializes in listing sites by people or organizations determined, by directory editors, to be working toward improving the world.
  • MK Links

    MK Links

    Mind Control Directory

    Hits 646

    The MK Links Directory lists sites and online resources related to mind control, secret technologies, targeted individuals, and gang stalking. There is no built-in method of submitting a site to the directory, but there is a contact link that may be used to suggest a site.
  • Paranormal Sites

    Paranormal Sites

    Hits 677

    The niche directory specializes in listing paranormal sites, as its title implies. Paranormal Sites first appears in the Internet Archive as a directory on October 16, 2011, using a Directory Press script. Several submission options are available, with prices ranging from free to $50 a month.