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Health and Medical

Health refers to the general condition of a person's body and mind, and medical has reference to the variety of steps that are taken to maintain or restore a state of health through prevention, and the treatment of injury or illness. Largely, when we are speaking of healthcare practices and medicine, the application includes health science, research, and the medical technologies that are involved in the treatment of injury and disease, through the use of pharmaceuticals, surgery, chiropractic and physical therapy techniques, mental health counseling and psychotherapy, and holistic practices. Programs and practices designed to prevent disease or injury also fall under the heading of health and medical.

There are many branches of medicine, as well as medical and diagnostic specialties, surgical, and interdisciplinary fields, and, for the purposes of categorization here, we will consider directories focused on veterinary care or animal health, as well.

Any directory of websites whose topics are focused on health, healthcare, medicine, or preventative measures, may be listed in this category. As with other areas of the directory, there may be some gray areas. For example, efforts to control or improve the environment that people live in might be considered a preventative measure, but we have a separate category for Environment directories, and that would be the more specific choice.

  • Deaf Websites

    Deaf Websites

    Hits 733

    Deafness may refer to a complete hearing loss, as well as to the frequency of sounds that a person may or may not hear, whether the loss was from birth or acquired later in life. The Deaf Websites directory features a variety of resources for, or related to, those who are deaf. Sites may be suggested by email, and there are no submission fees.
  • eHealthSites Health Directory

    eHealthSites Health Directory

    An annotated directory and guide to online health and wellness resources.

    Hits 690

    The directory is a searchable, categorized index of sites whose topics relate to health, fitness, or wellness issues. A submission fee of $34.95 is required for a standard listing, $49.95 for a featured listing.
  • Family Village

    Family Village

    A Global Community of Disability-Related Resources

    Hits 785

    A project of the Waisman Center, University of Wisconsin at Madison, the Family Village is a web directory featuring disability-related resources, including information on specific diagnoses, communication connections, adaptive products, technology and recreational activities, education, worship, health issues, media, and literature. New topics and resources may be suggested.
  • Health Directory Moz

    Health Directory Moz

    trusted place for health

    Hits 805

    Privately funded, and human-edited, the searchable, categorized index of health, medical, fitness and wellness resources includes website and blog listings, articles, and health-related forums. The fee for a site review and, if accepted, a lifetime listing, is $35.00, but there is no guarantee that submitted sites will be accepted into the directory.
  • Health Sites Directory

    Health Sites Directory

    your health directory

    Hits 833

    Health Sites Directory lists sites and other online resources whose topics relate to health and medicine, its content discoverable by browsing the directory's categories and subcategories. Sites may be submitted to the directory without payment of a fee, but a reciprocal link is requested, and possibly required.
  • Highlight Health Web Directory

    Highlight Health Web Directory

    an online reference guide for reliable health and medical information

    Hits 1546

    The web directory includes links to health and medical blogs, research journals, personalized medicine, and other health resources. Site submissions are fee-based, costing $30 per year for a regular listing and $40 for a featured listing. Verified non-profit and government sites may be submitted without payment of a fee.
  • Links Health Care

    Links Health Care

    Healthcare Directory

    Hits 1763

    Established in 2011, and divided into health and medical related categories and subcategories, the directory is human edited. The one-time payment of a fee is required for submissions to the directory. Basic listings are $15, which allows up to a fifty word description and will be listed below premium listings, which cost $39 and allow up to a hundred words in the description and a photo or company logo.
  • Psych Directory

    Psych Directory

    Psychology Directory & Mental Health Directory

    Hits 615

    Psych Directory is a web directory featuring psychology related services and resources. Its About Us page claims that Psych Directory is one of the oldest psychology-related sites on the Internet and, indeed, it first appears as a directory in the Internet Archives on May 16, 2001.
  • US Animal Hospitals

    US Animal Hospitals

    Hits 609

    Animal hospitals within the United States, Puerto Rico and Guam are featured in this directory, including links to those facilities that have web sites, and directions, business hours, and other information is provided for those without eb sites. Sites are categorized by state, and listed alphabetically. There is no cost for submission.