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Ethnic Groups

An ethnic group is a socially defined category whose basis is on a common culture or nationality, as opposed to geographic location. Ethnicity may, by definition, include a common ancestry, appearance, cuisine, heritage or traditions, dialect or language, religion, or style of dress, but, for the sake of categorization here, we will be listing directories that are focused on a particular religion in a separate category, as we anticipate that there may be enough of them to warrant a separate category.

Where there are gray areas, we will make whatever decision seems best. For example, the Jewish people are a nation and an ethnoreligious group with its origins in the Israelites or Hebrews of the Ancient Near East. There is a strong interrelation between Jewish ethnicity, nationality and religion. However, not all Jews are religious, and not all of those who are religious are believers in Judaism. Converts to Judaism may be of different nationalities, and many Jews have never visited Israel.

Thus, if the focus of the directory appears to be focused more on religion than on other ethnic traits, we will list the directory in the Religion subcategory. A good example is the Ethnic Christian Church Directory. While it lists only Christian churches in the United States and Canada, it could arguably be placed in the Religion category. However, since its focus is on those Christian churches that have a focus on ministering to specific ethnic groups or people, we have elected to list it here in the Ethnic category. This particular directory could be appropriately listed in either of these categories but, at this point at least, our policy is to choose only the one most appropriate category.

No submitted directory will be rejected because we disagree with the category choice made upon submission, however. When unsure, choose the category that you consider to be the most appropriate and, if we disagree, we'll simply move it to another.

  • Ethnic Christian Church Directory

    Ethnic Christian Church Directory

    Hits 1377

    The directory focuses on Christian congregations in the United States and Canada which have a focus on ministering to specific ethnic groups or people, often with an emphasis on first or second-generation immigrants. Users of the directory may view the entire list, or search by name, state or province, country or language. Churches may be added to the directory without charge.
  • Go Native American

    Go Native American

    a directory of native american related websites

    Hits 726

    In this directory of Native American related websites, the included web resources are classified into the following categories: Arts/Crafts, Music, Education, Museums, Broadcasting and Press, Gaming, Travel, Hunting, Fishing, Outdoor, Recreation, Tribal Governments, Associations, Events, Culture, and Businesses. Appropriate sites may be suggested through a contact form.
  • LivEthnic


    your local passport to the world

    Hits 1876

    LivEthnic is an ethnic city guide. Sites can be listed and searched for by metropolitan area, ethnicity, and topical category, including a choice of range, in miles, from the selected metro area. Users may also search by name. There is no cost or registration, and registered users can write reviews, rate listed businesses, create favorites, post new events, and submit new listings to the directory. Banner advertising is also available.
  • Maven Search

    Maven Search

    Jewish Web Directory

    Hits 849

    Founded in 1994, Maven Search is a privately owned directory of websites featuring Jewish content. Persons wishing to view its content can browse through the more than two hundred and fifty topical categories or use its in-site search engine, which is capable of dealing with the different phonetic spelling variations of Hebrew words and phrases. Submissions are fee-based, and reviewed.