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Aviation & Aircraft

The history of aviation can be said to have had its roots more than two thousand years ago, with the earliest kites and gliders, extending to today's heavier-than-air aircraft, supersonic jets, and hypersonic flight capabilities.

Around 200 BC, a Chinese general flew a kite over enemy territory in order to calculate the length of a tunnel that would be required to enter the region. A Chinese prince, Yuan Huangtou, escaped from imprisonment in a tower by tying himself to a kite. He survived the flight but was recaptured and later executed.

In the 15th century, Leonardo da Vinci drew several aircraft designs, but there is no record of his having ever attempting to construct one of them.

From the 17th to the 19th centuries, various gases were used to create functional hydrogen, hot air, and other types of balloons. During this time period, the development of various theories of mechanics led to the beginnings of aerodynamics and modern aviation. Tethered hot air balloons were used as observation posts during the American Civil War.

A series of experiments with gliders provided the groundwork for heavier-than-air craft and, by the early 20th century, powered flight became a reality.

Web directories whose topics are focused on aviation, aircraft, the aviation industry, or related topics are appropriate for this niche category.

  • Aeroseek


    Aviation Search Engine and Directory

    Hits 961

    With a focus on aviation, the aviation directory first appears in the Internet Archive on December 12, 1998. There is no charge for submitting a site listing, but registration with the site is required.
  • Airwon


    aircraft, airport, experience flights and more

    Hits 903

    The aviation directory includes links to sites whose content ranges from aviation, to aircraft, airports, ballooning, experience flights, helicopters, model aviation, pilots, and others.
  • AV Home

    AV Home

    The Aviation Sales & Search Directory

    Hits 725

    The AV Home directory has been online since at least October 17, 1996, when it first appeared in the Internet Archive. There is no charge for site submissions, but a few advertising options are available, including a featured link ad.
  • Aviation Schools Online

    Aviation Schools Online

    Research. Contact. Fly.

    Hits 741

    Established in 2001, the directory lists aviation schools and training opportunities, arranged within a number of categories. New resources may be submitted for inclusion without payment of a fee, but a reciprocal link is required. Otherwise, after a free thirty-day trial, the directory operates on a pay-per-lead business model, with valid prospective student leads costing $22. A monthly flat-rate program can be negotiated.
  • Best Aviation Sites

    Best Aviation Sites


    Hits 644

    Online since 2001, Best Aviation Sites is focused on topics related to aviation, arranged within only a few categories. Submissions to the directory require a reciprocal link, which must be placed on the homepage of the submitted sites, with no paid options. Registration is required.
  • Global Aircraft Web Directory

    Global Aircraft Web Directory

    A project of the Global Aircraft Organization

    Hits 1428

    The GAC Web Directory has a focus on aviation and aviation history, although other topics are included. There is no charge for submissions to the volunteer-operated web directory.
  • Thirty Thousand Feet

    Thirty Thousand Feet

    Aviation Directory

    Hits 720

    Thirty Thousand Feet was established at least as early as June 21, 2000, when it first appears in the Internet Archive. The directory claims a start date of November, 1996, which may well be correct because it sometimes takes a while for the Internet Archive to find a site, and I believe the Internet Archive began sometimes in the late 1990s. The directory features links to aviation web pages, aviation news, and other sources of commercial, military, and general aviation information. There is no charge to submit a site to the directory, and sites may be listed in more than one category if its topic is appropriate for each.