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Art refers to a variety of activities and interests, including both the visual and performing arts.

The visual arts includes painting, sculpture, photography, and design, while the performing arts may include such interests as music, opera, theater, dance, film, and others, such as interactive media. Literature, including novels, poetry, and short stories, are also appropriate topics for this category.

Entertainment is a broader term that may refer to any activity that holds the interest of an audience of one or more persons, or which offers pleasure. Since people are attracted to several different things, different people will have varying preferences in entertainment, although most forms will be familiar to most people, many of which are related to the arts.

Music, drama, dance, and the performing arts are art forms for those who are participating in them, but they also serve as a source of entertainment to those who listen to, or view them.

Entertainment may also include festivals or other events. While games, sporting events, and recreational activities are a source of entertainment, for the purposes of categorization here, they would be listed in the more specific Games/Sports category.