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Agriculture, farming, or husbandry, refers to the practice of cultivating land, growing crops, or raising livestock or poultry. It includes the activities that transform the environment for the production of plants and animals that can be used for food and other purposes by human beings.

The development of agriculture was a primary development in the rise of human civilization, as it was the component that led civilizations to remain in one place rather than leading purely nomadic lives, while the domestication and raising of food animals created surpluses of food that aided in the development of civilization.

Prior to the Industrial Revolution, most people were involved in agriculture, and pre-industrial agriculture was most often subsistence agriculture, in which farmers raised crops for their own consumption rather than as cash crops.

The study of agriculture is known as agricultural science. Agronomy is the science of producing and using plants for food, fuel, fiber, or other purposes, including the reclamation of land.

Modern practices in agriculture and agronomy, including genetic modification, have greatly improved production and yields from cultivation, but they have also led to significant environmental damage, as well as negative effects on the health of consumers.

Directories that are dedicated to listing sites related to agriculture, agronomy, or agricultural science are appropriate for this category.

  • Agricultural Directory

    Agricultural Directory

    Agriculture Business Directory

    Hits 840

    First appearing in the Internet Archive on March 16, 2009, the web directory features articles and links to online resources for agriculture and the related fields, such as animal husbandry, aquaculture, fisheries, forestry, horticulture, and others.
  • Agricultural Link

    Agricultural Link

    Agriculture Directory

    Hits 899

    Agricultural Link is an Internet directory that integrates agriculture and livestock sites, so that its users may locate online resources relating to farming, agribusiness, agritourism, livestock breeding, agricultural science, agricultural pollution, horticulture, and related sites.
  • Agriculture B2B

    Agriculture B2B

    Where the land is business

    Hits 996

    The agriculture industry supports a variety of activities throughout the world. The Agriculture B2B is a listing of categorized agriculture topics. No formal means of submitting a site to the directory is presented, but there is a contact form that could be used for that purpose.
  • Agriculture Directory

    Agriculture Directory

    Hits 939

    The directory features links to news, business links for agriculture conferences, institutions, organizations, and publications, as well as agriculture history, education, products and services, as well as to related fields, including animals, aquaculture, fisheries, forestry, horticulture, field crops, and other topics. Submissions may be made to the director without payment of a fee, or requirement of a reciprocal link.
  • Agriculture Today

    Agriculture Today

    Where the Land is Business

    Hits 854

    Located in Quebec, Canada, Agriculture Today carries a copyright of 2002, and its directory lists sites related to agriculture and agricultural businesses, sorting them into a variety of categories. New and top-rated content is highlighted on separate pages, otherwise its content may be found by browsing its categories, or through an in-site search.
  • AgSites


    The Outdoor World, Agriculture and Weather Information Directory

    Hits 762

    AgSites first appears in the Internet Archive on May 22, 2001, although it holds a copyright of 1999. The site features a directory of Internet resources related to the weather, agriculture, fisheries, food, and the outdoor world.