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Directories that list sites according to their location rather than topic are listed in this category. Additionally, general web directories whose focus is limited to a specific continent, nation, region, state, city or community should be listed in the appropriate subcategory.

For the purposes of categorization, the WDR Directory of Directories will be listing English-language regional directories by continent, further subcategorizing them as needed.

While this may sound simple, it isn't. First of all, there is no agreement on what constitutes a continent. A continent is defined as one of several major land masses on the earth, but there is no standard agreement on the number of continents that exist on the earth.

Growing up in the United States, I learned that there were seven continents: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

However, students in Europe and other parts of the world were taught that there were only six continents, with North and South America combined to form the continent of America. Thus, in this model, the continents are Africa, America, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, and Europe.

Another model claims that there are eight continents, counting Central America as a continent in its own right. Under that model, the continents of the earth are Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, North America, and South America.

Others, particularly those in the scientific community, refer to another six-continent model, where Europe and Asia are combined, since they do consist of one geologic landmass, referring to this continent as Eurasia. In this model, the continents would be Africa, Antarctica, Australia, Eurasia, North America, and South America.

Geographers often divide the earth into regions, rather than continents. Although there are differing opinions among geographers, the most common regional divisions are Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, Europe, North America, Central America and the Caribbean, South America, Africa, and Australia and Oceania.

Oceania is a term often used to describe a region centered on the islands of the Pacific Ocean, which are not, technically, a part of the same geographic land mass as Australia. As these islands are in the proximity of Australia, Oceania is often grouped together with Australia, and referred to as Australia and Oceania, or by including Australia within Oceania, or vice versa.

The WDR Directory of Directories will be using the seven-continent model generally taught in the United States and other Western countries, using, as the major subcategories of Regional: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America, although these subcategories will not be created until or unless we have directory listings that require them.

If you would like to submit an English-language web directory that is specific to a nation or continent not represented here, please submit it to the main Regional category, and an appropriate category will be created for it.

  • A Directory

    A Directory

    Online since 2007

    Hits 1129

    Established in 2007, A Directory is a general web directory whose content is oriented to the United States of America. Its main menu includes a variety of topical categories, as well as a category for major U.S. cities and U.S. states. Submissions to the directory are free, with no requirement for a reciprocal link.
  • Afghan Web Directory

    Afghan Web Directory

    Hits 838

    Available in English and Dari, I think it is, the directory is focused on content related to Afghanistan, organized in several topical categories. There does not appear to be a method to submit a site to the directory, but a contact form is available.
  • Africa TamTam

    Africa TamTam

    A new, fully searchable web directory dedicated to Africa

    Hits 875

    Specific to Africa, the web directory's content may be searched by topic or country. Submissions to the directory are free.
  • Afriline


    Business and information directory of African countries

    Hits 1824

    Afriline is a web directory of sites related to countries within the continent of Africa. There is no charge for submitting a site to the directory, but only African sites will be considered for acceptance. The directory's content may be found by browsing its topical categories, by country, or through site search.
  • Australia Business Listing

    Australia Business Listing

    Premium Australian Business Listings

    Hits 1196

    Online since 2009, the Australian Business Listing directory organizes its content into a variety of topical categories. Submissions to the directory are fee-based, with the regular listing fee being a one-time payment of $4.95, while the premium fee is $55.00 per year.
  • Bangla Sites

    Bangla Sites

    List of Bangla and Bangladesh Related Websites

    Hits 1871

    The topical directory's focus is on websites whose topics relate to Bangladesh, a country on the Bengal Delta of South Asia. There is no charge for submitting a site to the directory, but only those related to Bangladesh are accepted.
  • Bloo


    Bloo for Business

    Hits 1104

    Online since late 2008, the Australian regional business directory is focused on Western Australia. Listings may be found by browsing its categories, sorted into A-Z headings, or by keyword and/or location. A mobile directory is included.
  • Canada Directory

    Canada Directory

    Links, Articles

    Hits 824

    Established in early 2004, the directory accepts links from all of the Canadian provinces, as well as international links that are determined to be valuable to its users. Submission require either a reciprocal link or payment of $29 per year.
  • Canada Web Directory

    Canada Web Directory

    Searchable all Canadian business

    Hits 792

    The Canada Web Directory offers links to business, real estate, tourism and travel, sports, education, art, environment, and science sites related to Canada. A basic submission review is $19.95 per year, while an enhanced listing is $99.95 a year.
  • Canadian Web Directory

    Canadian Web Directory

    Canada's Best Internet Directory

    Hits 1039

    Canadian Web Directory featured only Canadian content, listing its sites in topical or regional trees. Only top domains are accepted. Sites may be submitted for free or with a reciprocal link, while featured links cost $20.