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General Web Directories

A directory is not a search engine, although many directories include a search field, and some search engines include directories. Search engines display lists of sites based on keywords or key phrases entered into the search field, while web directories organize sites into categories and subcategories. Web directory listings were initially intended to be found by humans rather than search engine spiders, although the latter now seems to be the more common function of most directories.

Some web directories are focused on specific geographic locations or topics, such as forum directories, blog directories, shopping directories, church directories, and other niche directories. Other directories are more general in scope, listing websites whose topics span a wide range of topics or geographic areas; these are general web directories.

For the purpose of categorization, the WDR Directory of Directories will consider those which cover a variety of topics to be general web directories, and we will subdivide these directories into Regional, Topical, and Comprehensive subcategories.

Directories that serve the purpose of listing a wide range of topics, as well as a regional tree, may be listed directly beneath the Comprehensive category.

Directories that include a range of topical categories, but do not include a regional tree, will be listed beneath the Topical subcategory, while those whose focus is on the location of the business or organization represented by the listed sites, rather than the topics of the site, will be listed within the Regional subcategory, as will those which restrict submissions to a particular geographic location.

  • Bedwan Directory

    Bedwan Directory

    Hits 1064

    The Bedwan Directory is a comprehensive web directory, established in 2005, and powered by a phpLD script. Submissions are free, although an express listing is available, as well as a featured listing, both fee-based.
  • Best of the Internet Directory

    Best of the Internet Directory


    Hits 1284

    Based in the United States, the general web directory features topics from throughout the world, including a World category, where websites in languages other than English may be listed. Its submission plans include rates for six months, one year, and permanent placement in the directory, as well as free placement with a requirement for a reciprocal link.
  • Best of the Web

    Best of the Web


    Hits 755

    Established in 1994, the Best of the Web directory is a full-featured directory of websites, arranged in topical and regional categories. BOTW employs a team of editors who are engaged in adding useful websites, adding and maintaining categories, and ensuring the integrity of the directory.
  • Bew Directory

    Bew Directory

    Web Directory

    Hits 637

    The Bew Directory is new to the web directory industry. Established sometime in 2013, it doesn't have a lot of listed sites yet, but I didn't come across any empty categories, which is commendable.
  • Bhanvad


    international website directory

    Hits 792

    Online since 2002, the general comprehensive web directory first appears in the Internet Archive on June 28, 2002. According to its guidelines, sites may be submitted for free, but the chances of inclusion are low. The submission fee for a basic listing is $30, refundable if the site is not improved for inclusion. Premium listings are available as well, but I was unable to determine what the cost of a premium listing is.
  • Big Web Links

    Big Web Links

    Awesome Links for Awesome People

    Hits 768

    Online since at least March 8, 2007, when it first appears in the Internet Archive, Big Web Links is a general web directory. Sites listed in Big Web Links rank according to the amount of money contributed to the listing. A minimum of $49.90 is required for all new listings; after that, anyone can contribute to increase the ranking of a site, with a minimum contribution of $10.
  • Blaze Web Directory

    Blaze Web Directory

    Hits 900

    The Blaze Web Directory first appeared in the Internet Archive on April 23, 2007. The general web directory uses a modified bid approach for site placement. The cost for a listing is $49.95, as a minimum amount, with subsequent contributions affecting the site's placement, the minimum contribution amount being $10.00. Site descriptions are limited to three hundred characters, and five internal pages may be added for each new subscription.
  • Blaze Web Directory

    Blaze Web Directory

    Human-Edited Directory Project

    Hits 506

    Established in 2008, Blaze Web Directory is a general comprehensive web directory offering a variety of topical categories, as well as a regional tree. Six submission options are available, beginning at $29.95 for a regular link to $79.95 for a featured link with up to twelve deep links, with fees rising in ten dollar increments between options.
  • Bloo


    Bloo for Business

    Hits 1086

    Online since late 2008, the Australian regional business directory is focused on Western Australia. Listings may be found by browsing its categories, sorted into A-Z headings, or by keyword and/or location. A mobile directory is included.
  • BPDir


    The Free Web Directory

    Hits 656

    The general directory has been online since at least October 14, 2007, when it first appears in the Internet Archive. Powered by a PHP Link Directory script, submissions to the directory are fee-based, despite its tagline: the cost for a regular link is a one-time payment of $10, while featured links are $25 for one year, and which includes up to three deep links. For a one-time payment of $15, a premium listing may be available for some categories.