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General Web Directories

A directory is not a search engine, although many directories include a search field, and some search engines include directories. Search engines display lists of sites based on keywords or key phrases entered into the search field, while web directories organize sites into categories and subcategories. Web directory listings were initially intended to be found by humans rather than search engine spiders, although the latter now seems to be the more common function of most directories.

Some web directories are focused on specific geographic locations or topics, such as forum directories, blog directories, shopping directories, church directories, and other niche directories. Other directories are more general in scope, listing websites whose topics span a wide range of topics or geographic areas; these are general web directories.

For the purpose of categorization, the WDR Directory of Directories will consider those which cover a variety of topics to be general web directories, and we will subdivide these directories into Regional, Topical, and Comprehensive subcategories.

Directories that serve the purpose of listing a wide range of topics, as well as a regional tree, may be listed directly beneath the Comprehensive category.

Directories that include a range of topical categories, but do not include a regional tree, will be listed beneath the Topical subcategory, while those whose focus is on the location of the business or organization represented by the listed sites, rather than the topics of the site, will be listed within the Regional subcategory, as will those which restrict submissions to a particular geographic location.

  • Featured
    AMRAY Directory

    AMRAY Directory

    hottest free general link directory

    Hits 3301

    The general interest topical web directory accepts submissions without payment of a fee for non-profit and other specified types of sites, but the review time can be shortened upon payment of a $9.95 fee. Premium listing options are available for $29 a year or $39 for permanent inclusion, and premium listings will appear above basic listings. Its categories may be browsed by topic or searched by keyword. Other features include a blog.
  • Anaximander


    Free Website Directory

    Hits 789

    The Anaximander web directory was established in 2006. The topical directory has five top-level categories: Business; Entertainment, Reference & Society; Health; Internet & Software; and Shopping.
  • Apahcinc Web Directory

    Apahcinc Web Directory

    Hits 684

    Apahcinc is a topical web directory that has been in operation since 2006. Site submissions to the directory are $134.95 for a permanent listing, or $44.95 per year, but acceptance is not guaranteed and site placement is at the discretion of the directory. Up to five hundred characters are allowed in a site description.
  • Argus Vision

    Argus Vision

    Since 2004

    Hits 796

    Online since 2004, ArgusVision is an attractive directory, arranging its content into only a dozen main-level topical categories. Submissions to the directory are fee-based. Submissions for regular listings cost $54.95, which includes up to three extra links to subpages of the site. For $84.95, featured listings are displayed above regular listings in the category, and allow up to five links to subpages of the site. Bulk submissions are also available.
  • Arielis


    Hits 751

    Established in 1999, Arielis first appeared in the Internet Archive on April 7, 2000. The site offers a variation of a classic web directory and a pay-for-inclusion search engine. Once accepted into its database, Arielis integrates deep search snippets of crawled content with the site's description, keyword phrases, and geographic location. Standard listings cost $29.95, as a one-time review fee, while featured listings are $9.95 per month.
  • Around the Web

    Around the Web

    Providing a directory of sites around the web

    Hits 563

    The Around the Web domain has been used as a web directory since at least August 11, 2002, when it shows up in the Internet Archive as the directory. On September 26 of that year, is appears as Amiga Search, and it appears that it took its current name and form in late 2004 or early 2005. A submission fee of $15.00 is required, refundable if the site is not included in the index. Between fifty and two hundred characters are required for the site description.
  • Australia Business Listing

    Australia Business Listing

    Premium Australian Business Listings

    Hits 1179

    Online since 2009, the Australian Business Listing directory organizes its content into a variety of topical categories. Submissions to the directory are fee-based, with the regular listing fee being a one-time payment of $4.95, while the premium fee is $55.00 per year.
  • Featured
    Aviva Directory

    Aviva Directory

    a selective human edited directory of the internet's best websites

    Hits 2995

    Established in 2005, the Aviva Directory is a selective, human-edited directory of websites, arranged in categories that are designed to be intuitive, so that searchers can find what they are looking for quickly and easily, and without any spam. Editors are always adding content to the directory.
  • Bangla Sites

    Bangla Sites

    List of Bangla and Bangladesh Related Websites

    Hits 1813

    The topical directory's focus is on websites whose topics relate to Bangladesh, a country on the Bengal Delta of South Asia. There is no charge for submitting a site to the directory, but only those related to Bangladesh are accepted.
  • Barkh Free Directory

    Barkh Free Directory

    Hits 743

    Established in late 2013 or early 2014, the Barkh Directory is a general comprehensive directory, although its regional tree is pretty light. Submissions to the directory are free, with no paid options. A reciprocal link is requested in the submission form, but I am uncertain whether it is required.