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General Web Directories

A directory is not a search engine, although many directories include a search field, and some search engines include directories. Search engines display lists of sites based on keywords or key phrases entered into the search field, while web directories organize sites into categories and subcategories. Web directory listings were initially intended to be found by humans rather than search engine spiders, although the latter now seems to be the more common function of most directories.

Some web directories are focused on specific geographic locations or topics, such as forum directories, blog directories, shopping directories, church directories, and other niche directories. Other directories are more general in scope, listing websites whose topics span a wide range of topics or geographic areas; these are general web directories.

For the purpose of categorization, the WDR Directory of Directories will consider those which cover a variety of topics to be general web directories, and we will subdivide these directories into Regional, Topical, and Comprehensive subcategories.

Directories that serve the purpose of listing a wide range of topics, as well as a regional tree, may be listed directly beneath the Comprehensive category.

Directories that include a range of topical categories, but do not include a regional tree, will be listed beneath the Topical subcategory, while those whose focus is on the location of the business or organization represented by the listed sites, rather than the topics of the site, will be listed within the Regional subcategory, as will those which restrict submissions to a particular geographic location.

  • 01 Web Directory

    01 Web Directory

    Hits 1407

    In operation since 2003, the 01 Web Directory is a topical directory that includes an article on demand feature, in which every featured web site can get an exclusive article describing the company's industry or the site itself, for an extra fee; articles and site listings are linked to one another, and both include a link to the site. Sites may be submitted for free, and featured listings are $49, as a one-time fee. Featured listings will appear above free listings in the category. The cost for a featured listing plus an article is $99.
  • 1 $ Web Directory

    1 $ Web Directory

    One Dollar Web Directory

    Hits 1016

    The 1 $ Web Directory is named for the price of submissions, which is one dollar -- a one-time fee of one dollar for a regular link or one dollar a year for a featured link. The general directory sorts its content into a variety of topics.
  • 1Abc Directory

    1Abc Directory

    Hits 1648

    Established in 2006, the 1Abc Directory is a topical directory. According to its submission policies, free links may be submitted without a reciprocal link, while regular links require either a reciprocal link or the payment of a one-time fee of five dollars. Featured links are twenty dollars a year.
  • 1WebsDirectory


    general web directory

    Hits 1419

    1WebsDirectory is a general web directory established in 2009, offering a variety of topical categories, a regional tree, and the option to browse by country. There is no charge for general submissions to the directory, and featured submissions are available in one life-time payment of $35 or for $17 a year.
  • 24/7 Web Directory

    24/7 Web Directory

    General Web Directory

    Hits 1401

    The general web directory is human edited and maintained, offering a regional tree as well as a full complement of topical categories. The family friendly directory does not list sites with adult, gambling or possibly illegal content, or those that link to such content, with other details available in its published submission guidelines. Site listings may be submitted for free, or an expedited review.
  • 7th Space Interactive

    7th Space Interactive

    interactive web

    Hits 1157

    The 7th Space web directory has been online since at least April of 2008, when it first appears in the Internet Archive. Submissions to the topical directory are $10.00, payable as a one-time fee. The submission fee will be refunded if the site is not accepted into the directory.
  • 9Sites


    Web Directory for All

    Hits 1269

    A topical web directory, 9Sites also features a top-level blogs tree. Appropriate site listings may be submitted for free, with an option for a premium listing for a one-time $14.95 fee. Its guidelines for submissions are displayed on the same page as the submission form.
  • 9UG Directory

    9UG Directory

    premium human edited web directory

    Hits 1144

    The 9UG Directory first appeared as a web directory in the Internet Archive on October 4, 2006. The topical directory offers several submission options. Sites that meet the directory's approval may be submitted for $2 a year; otherwise, a regular link is $6 a year, with the possibility to continue, with submission after the first year. Featured links are $20 per year, with the possibility to continue. For $55 a year, a link may be placed in ten directories and, for $105, a site may be featured in ten directories. Articles may be submitted for $10 a year.
  • A Directory

    A Directory

    Online since 2007

    Hits 1129

    Established in 2007, A Directory is a general web directory whose content is oriented to the United States of America. Its main menu includes a variety of topical categories, as well as a category for major U.S. cities and U.S. states. Submissions to the directory are free, with no requirement for a reciprocal link.
  • A1 Web Directory

    A1 Web Directory

    quality sites under popular categories and relevant subcategories

    Hits 2331

    The general web directory lists accepted websites under various categories and subcategories. Its submission guidelines and listing options are put described in detail, and include a standard review at no charge, as well as an express review at a cost of a one-time fee of $39.95, which includes a guaranteed review within two business days. Its top-level categories include are intuitive.