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There are thousands of web directories on the Internet. Some of these are designed to be useful resources for persons seeking information on particular topics, while others serve little purpose other than offering back links to webmasters hoping to improve their site's standing in search engine results pages. Still others are, quite frankly, scams.

Webmasters may not be sufficiently familiar with web directories to tell the difference between a legitimate directory and a scam, or to differentiate between a very good directory and one whose operator may be well intentioned, but whose product is not yet up to par.

If the purpose of seeking a listing in a web directory is to improve the site's standing in the SERPs, then it must be recognized that some directories are better able to aid in accomplishing this goal than others, and that a listing in some of the worst directories may even have a negative impact on the site's standing in search engine results.

Except for the very worst, a listing in a web directory is far more likely to help than to harm a site's standing in the SERPs, but a listing in one of the better directories will be of more assistance than a listing in one that does not enjoy the same good reputation.

If the purpose of seeking a listing in a web directory is to receive traffic from visitors to that directory, it should be realized that many web directories receive very few visits from human beings, and are, therefore, unlikely to send much traffic to listed sites.

Web sites that have been developed for the purpose of reviewing, or making comparisons between, web directories are listed in this category. While it may be understood that these reviews represent the opinion or opinions of the reviewers, they may nevertheless provide some guidance to webmasters who are looking for guidance in choosing between one web directory and another.

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    Web Directory Reviews Org reviews twenty general web directories each month, assigning a rating to each based on published criteria. At the end of each calendar quarter, the top ten directories are announced. The top ten directories from one quarter will compete with ten additional directories during the following quarter.