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Directory Operation

A web directory differs from a search engine in that a web directory will list sites by category and subcategory rather than by keyword, and the category choice is generally based on the overall content of the site rather than on an individual page or section of the site. Although web directories are usually indexed by search engines, their content is designed to be accessed by humans.

While older, and some smaller, web directories are hand-coded by individuals assembling collections of links, the vast majority of web directories are operated through any of a large variety of directory scripts or software designed, or adapted, for that purpose. Web directory scripts generally include an administrative area, where directory operators can create categories and subcategories, approve, modify or decline submitted listings, and perform other tasks required in the administration of the directory. Some allow for varying degrees of access and permissions, allowing directory staff to perform various tasks without having full control over administrative functions, and most will allow webmasters or search engine submission companies to submit sites for inclusion in the directory.

Some directory scripts are free for use by anyone, while others require payment for licensure of the software. Most directory scripts include preconfigured themes or templates that directory operators can select from, although these are more limited in some scripts than in others. However, most directory operators will opt to modify the directory in a variety of ways, altering not only its design but sometimes its functions, as well.

Some web designers or individuals have chosen to specialize in the modification or design of specific web directory scripts, offering this as a service to directory operators who may not be as proficient in these tasks.

Additionally, directory operators and others who have become sufficiently familiar with the software will sometimes offer third-party templates or themes for specific directory scripts for free or for sale.

Web sites for various directory scripts are listed in a subcategory of this category, while those who specialize in the modification or redesign of web directory scripts may be listed in another subcategory of this category. Sites offering directory templates or themes may also be listed within the Directory Design subcategory.

  • PHP Link Directory

    PHP Link Directory

    The Wordpress Alternative

    Hits 24761

    phpLD is a directory script that comes preloaded with several search engine friendly features, such as page titles, descriptions, navigation, and SEO-friendly URLs, as well as the inclusion of social features like Facebook and Disqus, the incorporation of YouTube videos, and Google Maps. The cost of a license to use phpLD is $30 if the link to the phpLD site is retained in the footer; otherwise, the cost is $80.
  • PHP Link Directory Templates

    PHP Link Directory Templates

    Template Versions

    Hits 14395

    Hundreds of phpLD templates are made available for downloading on a subdomain of the PHP Link Directory domain. Thumbnail images of each template is displayed, along with the number of views and downloads it has received, and additional information can be obtained by clicking on the hyperlink to view details. These include the name of the theme designer, the URL to a demonstration site for the template, if available, and the phpLD versions that the template is available in.
  • PHPLD Your Site

    PHPLD Your Site

    Free PHPLD Templates For All Versions and Other Stuff

    Hits 3842

    Featuring free templates that were developed for use with PHP Link Directory software, most templates include download options developed for multiple versions of phpLD. Instructions and terms of use for the templates are published to the site, and specific instructions are included in a text file with each download.
  • phpMyDirectory


    leading website portal solution

    Hits 2037

    phpMyDirectory was built using PHP and MySQL, and may be used for a variety of directory purposes. Its features include, but are not limited to, several built-in payment gateways, SEO-friendly URLs and listing pages, including custom page titles and meta tagging, as well as the generation and automatic submission of sitemaps. There is no limit to the number of categories that can be created with phpMyDirectory, and more than ten custom field types may be used.
  • SHWE Scripts

    SHWE Scripts

    Built For Your Success

    Hits 817

    In business since 2007, SHWE Scripts offers classified advertising and directory scripts, with two versions of each of its scripts, with different options for each, including hosted versions.
  • Subrion


    Open Source PHP Content Management System

    Hits 2178

    Subrion is a standalone, PHP content management system. Its products include a web directory script, article script, real estate or classified script, auto sales script, and a yellow pages script. Its web directory script can be used to build free or fee-based directories, as it includes built-in invoicing, payment gateway, and discount coupon capabilities. The Subrion script will allow for as many listings or categories as desired, and offers free migration from other scripts or dumps.
  • Thrifty Planet

    Thrifty Planet

    design, hosting and writing services

    Hits 979

    Among other things, such as basic design services, logo and template design, e-commerce setups, web hosting, and writing services, Thrifty Planet is a recommended choice for implementation and modification of the WSN Links directory script.
  • WSN Links

    WSN Links

    Links Directory Script with an SEO Focus

    Hits 3336

    WSN Links is a customizable web directory script that uses PHP and MySQL. The script's features and options are more powerful than many directory operators will use, although perhaps not entirely intuitive. Directory operators can choose the level of complexity they require through switches in the administrative panel that can be turned on or off. WSN Forum, available for a price, can be integrated with the directory software.