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Directory Design and Templates

Directory scripts usually come with a few standard themes or templates that a directory operator may choose from, so that every directory created with that theme doesn't look exactly the same. However, to degrees that vary from script to script, these choices are limited, and other users of the same script will come to recognize, and often look down upon, out-of-the-box design choices.

In order to differentiate their directory from all of the others using the same script or theme, or to add functions are not included in the default script setup, directory operators will often seek to make modifications to the script or to the script design. Depending on the expertise or familiarity with the particular script, some directory operators will perform their own modifications or design changes.

Others, who may not feel so comfortable manipulating the script, may seek to hire someone who has this expertise. Often, these are web designers who have chosen to specialize in learning to design around specific directory scripts, or others who have the technical expertise and familiarity with the script to make such modifications.

Additionally, third-party developers and designers have created themes or templates for some of the more popular directory scripts, offering them for free or for sale to directory operators who may not be able to afford to pay for a custom design.

Web designers, or others, whose websites advertise a focus on offering custom design changes for one or more directory scripts may be listed in this category, along with sites from which directory templates or themes may be purchased or downloaded.

Web designers who specialize in the design or modification of web directory scripts usually offer general web design services, as well. In such cases, these other services may, and should, be defined in the site description.

  • Bruleo


    mods for phpld

    Hits 1039

    Featuring a collection of PHP Link Directory modifications going back to phpLD version 3.2, and up to the most recent version. Mods may be purchased for self-installation or with full installation.
  • PHP Link Directory Templates

    PHP Link Directory Templates

    Template Versions

    Hits 15049

    Hundreds of phpLD templates are made available for downloading on a subdomain of the PHP Link Directory domain. Thumbnail images of each template is displayed, along with the number of views and downloads it has received, and additional information can be obtained by clicking on the hyperlink to view details. These include the name of the theme designer, the URL to a demonstration site for the template, if available, and the phpLD versions that the template is available in.
  • PHPLD Your Site

    PHPLD Your Site

    Free PHPLD Templates For All Versions and Other Stuff

    Hits 3927

    Featuring free templates that were developed for use with PHP Link Directory software, most templates include download options developed for multiple versions of phpLD. Instructions and terms of use for the templates are published to the site, and specific instructions are included in a text file with each download.
  • Thrifty Planet

    Thrifty Planet

    design, hosting and writing services

    Hits 999

    Among other things, such as basic design services, logo and template design, e-commerce setups, web hosting, and writing services, Thrifty Planet is a recommended choice for implementation and modification of the WSN Links directory script.