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Blogs and Blog Directories

A blog is a contraction of the words "web log," and generally refers to an informational site that is published online, which consists of brief entries or posts that are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, with newer posts appearing before older ones. Many blogs are maintained by one single individual, while others are the work of multiple people, often employees of newspapers, universities, companies or organizations.

Most blogs are interactive in nature, meaning that they permit and encourage comments from readers on blog posts, and sometimes even messages to one another. Thus, blogs tend to be something between a static web page and a social networking site, such as Facebook. Blog posts are created not only to produce content for publication on the Internet, but also to build relationships with their readers and other bloggers covering the same subjects.

Some blogs are focused on one particular subject, while others serve as a means of advertising for a business, product or organization, and many serve as a form of an online journal, covering a wide range of topics of interest to the blogger at any given time.

The content of most blogs is primarily textual, although images are supported, and some blogs are focused on graphical content such as visual art, photography, video, or music.

The most common blogging platforms are WordPress and Blogger, although many others are in use, including custom software and scripts. Blog software is typically dynamic in nature, meaning that posts are created through the Internet browser rather than offline, on a computer, and later uploaded to the server.

The community of blogs is referred to as the blogosphere, which is significant in that blogs are interconnected and networked through a variety of mechanisms, including blogrolls, link-backs, comments and other forms of referrals. Additionally, search engine technology is used to seek out blog content, with some search engines, such as Technorati, specializing in indexing blogs and blog updates.

There are also directories, including one that is maintained by Technorati, that are focused on listing and categorizing active blogs. Although many general and topical web directories will include category trees that are focused on blog listings, the sites that will be found in this category will relate to directories that specializing in listing blogs, known here as blog directories. General web directories that include subdomains concentrating on blogs, such as those operated by Aviva Directory and Best of the Web, may be included here as well.