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First appearing in the Internet Archive on December 27, 1996, the directory is one of the oldest on the Internet. Focused on listing business websites, submissions to the directory cost $299 per year. Submissions are made to the directory at large, after which a directory editor will determine the site placement. Site submissions require the company name, email address, URL, one keyword or keyword phrase, and a site description of up to one hundred and fifty characters. Several advertising options are also available, including display advertising, pay-per click, and pay-per lead advertisements.

Upper-level categories include Business Planning, Construction, Consumer Products, Education, Finance, Healthcare, Human Resources, Industrial, Insurance, Internet, Legal, Office Equipment & Supplies, Operations, Real Estate, Retail and Restaurant, Sales and Marketing, Security, Shipping & Supplies, Software, Startup, Technology, Telecommunications, and Travel.

Content may be located by browsing categories and subcategories, browsing its alphabetical listings, or through in-site search.

Other topics include business guides and articles, career information, partnership information, and social media links.





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