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Online since at least March 8, 2007, when it first appears in the Internet Archive, Big Web Links is a general web directory. Sites listed in Big Web Links rank according to the amount of money contributed to the listing. A minimum of $49.90 is required for all new listings; after that, anyone can contribute to increase the ranking of a site, with a minimum contribution of $10.

Each listed site receives two direct links: one within the specified category, the other on a dedicated page. Links are permanent and, except for contributions intended to increase the ranking of a site, there are no recurring fees.

Site descriptions must be between one hundred and three hundred characters and, with each new submission, up to five internal page links may be included.

The directory’s main menu includes several categories, arranged in three columns of eighteen each. Reading across, they are: Advertising, Arts, Automotive, Blogs, Business, Computers, Consumer Electronics, Dating, Education, Employment, Entertainment, Environment, Famous People, File Sharing, Finance, Food and Beverage, Forums, Free Stuff, Furniture, Gambling, Games, Government, Graphics, Health, Home, Home Improvement, Humor, Insurance, Internet, Kids and Teens, Law, Manufacturing, Marketing, Music, News, Pets, Photography, Real Estate, Recreation, Reference, Regional, Science, Scripts and Development, Shopping, Society, Sports, Telecommunications, Television, Travel, Web Design, Web Directories, Web Hosting, Webmaster Related, and Wedding.

Top web links are listed on the directory’s index page. Other pages include Suggest Link, Top Link, Latest Links, and FAQ.



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