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Located in Quebec, Canada, Agriculture Today carries a copyright of 2002, and its directory lists sites related to agriculture and agricultural businesses, sorting them into a variety of categories. New and top-rated content is highlighted on separate pages, otherwise its content may be found by browsing its categories, or through an in-site search.

Its main menu includes sixty categories, arranged twenty rows of three, including Agriculture Directories, Agritourism, Agrochemicals, Bees and Honey, Aquaculture, Camelids, Cattle, Field Crops, Education, Horse, Equipment Dealers, Equipment Manufacturers, Insurance and Financing, Food Manufacturers, Forestry, Fruits, Government, Herbs and Spices, Import Export, News and Media, Nursery and Greenhouse, Organizations, Poultry, Real Estate, Services, Sheep, Software, Swine, Vegetables, Vineyards and Wineries, Cattle Supplies, Equine Supplies, Sheep Supplies, Rabbits, Ostrich and Emu, Deer and Elk, Barns and Structures, Fencing, Veterinary Medicine, Arts and Crafts, Practices and Systems, Rural Sociology, Landscape Companies, Ecology, Gardening Supplies, Goats, Commercial Fishing, Soil, Seed Companies, Sustainable Agriculture, Hunting and Fishing, Animal Diseases, Plant Diseases, Pest Control, Botanical Gardens, Wholesale, Natural Beauty, Equestrial Sport, Rodeo, and Horse Rescue.

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