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Agricultural Link is an Internet directory that integrates agriculture and livestock sites, so that its users may locate online resources relating to farming, agribusiness, agritourism, livestock breeding, agricultural science, agricultural pollution, horticulture, and related sites.

First appearing in the Internet Archive on June 15, 2006, the directory organizes its content through a variety of categories and subcategories. Its upper-level categories are: Agribusiness, Agritourism, Animals, Aquaculture, Associations, Crops and Seeds, Directories, Floriculture, Food Manufacturers, Forestry, Garden, Government, Livestock, Marketing and Market Info, Organic Farming, Organizations, Pest Management, Production and Extension, Promotion Boards, Publications, Research Institutes, Vegetables, and Web Services.

New listings, top listings, featured listings, and random listings are highlighted on separate pages, an an agricultural blog is included.

Submissions to the directory are fee-based, with each of its options include listings in additional directories and sites, as well.

A basic listing costs $7.95, as an annual flat fee. This option includes a description of up to fifteen words and listings in two related directories.

An enhanced listing is $29.95 per year, which may include a logo or photo, a twenty-five word description, and top placement in the category, as well as listings in three additional directories.

Its Agricultural Traffic Package 1 includes listings in this directory and five additional sites related to agriculture, at a cost of $29.00 per year.

Agriculture Traffic Package 2 costs $99.00 annually, and includes listings in thirty related sites, as well as this directory.

For an annual fee of $129.00, its Agriculture Traffic Package 3 includes a listing in this directory, as well as fifty additional sites related to agriculture.





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