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First appearing in the Internet Archive on March 16, 2009, the web directory features articles and links to online resources for agriculture and the related fields, such as animal husbandry, aquaculture, fisheries, forestry, horticulture, and others.

Its upper-level categories include Aquaculture, Conferences, Crop Plants, Databases, Directories, Education, Field Crops, Fisheries, Forestry, History, Horticulture, Institutions, Organizations, Pests and Diseases, Practices and Systems, Products and Services, Publications, Research Groups and Centers, Soils, Animals, and Sustainable Agriculture.

Other pages include About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Resources, as well as a contact page. Directory content may be found by browsing its categories and subcategories, or through in-site search, with advanced search available.

There is no charge for submitting a site, nor are there any paid options.





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