Afghan Web Directory

Afghan Web Directory

Full Description

Available in English and Dari, I think it is, the directory is focused on content related to Afghanistan, organized in several topical categories. There does not appear to be a method to submit a site to the directory, but a contact form is available.

Afghan Web Directory’s upper-level categories are displayed, in English, along the left sidebar, while the equivalent, in Dari, can be found along the right sidebar. Its upper-level categories are Afghan Government, Afghan General Sites, Afghan Artists, Afghan Women, Business, Chat, Computer, Dictionary, Education, Exchange, Entertainment, Health, Information, Islam, Live TV & Radio, Media, Music, Nations, News Services, Online Shops, Poetry, Personal Websites, Political Personality, Political Groups, Province & Cities, Religions, Science, Sport, Tour & Travel, Teens & Kids, United Nations, and Weblogs.

Afghan local website abroad may be accessed from a category menu near the bottom of the page, categorized as America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania, as well as the Dari equivalent.





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