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The Academic Pride directory has been online since 2005, specializing in sites related to academia and education.

Its upper-level categories include Continuing Education, Distance Learning, Education, Financial Aid, Language, Literature, Products and Services, Psychology, Special Education, and Web Directories.

Other pages include a contact page, disclaimer, its privacy policies, and an about page.

Submissions to Academic Pride directory are entirely fee-based. The cost for a basic listing is $7.95 per year, which allows a fifteen-word description. An enhanced listing, at a cost of $29.95 per year, allows up to twenty-five words. Enhanced listings will receive top placement, and may include a logo or photo, and the anchor text of choice.

Other listing options include its Academic Traffic Package 1, at a cost of $79.00 per year, which includes a listing in twelve directories and sites related to academics, including Academic Pride.

Academic Traffic Package 2 costs $129.00 per year, and offers eight premium listings and thirteen pro listings on academic sites, six of which are named, plus nine other relevant directories and six other academic websites.

For $179.00 per year, Academic Traffic Package 3 offers a listing on twenty-eight sites related to academics, including sixteen directories and twelve other sites.





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