About Us

Established in January of 2013, the WDR Directory of Directories is a project of Web Directory Reviews Org, which also operates the Web Directory Forum and the SEO/Web Glossary. Web Directory Reviews Org also operates the WDR Directory of Directories of Directories, which lists other directories of directories. We do not accept paid submissions, nor do we require a reciprocal link. The vast majority of listings found in our directory have been selected by our administrative and editorial staff. Others were suggested to us, either through our suggestion form,  by email, or through our forum, Twitter page or Facebook page. In either case, every listing in this directory is here because we believed that it may be of use or interest to our readers.

What is a Directory of Directories?

A web directory is a collection of website links that are arranged by topic. These topics are generally known as categories. Through the use of a web directory, directory users are able to find lists of websites on related subjects. In a well managed directory, the websites listed will be carefully selected or chosen for their usefulness and listed in categories that closely match the topics of the listed sites. As an example, someone who was interested in widgets might find websites representing companies that manufacture or sell widgets, and perhaps sites that offer reviews of different types of widgets, or give examples of the possible uses of widgets.

Although most web directories include search features, a web directory is not a search engine. Rather, a web directory is a static collection of links to websites that usually include the titles and descriptions of listed websites. The better web directories will update their links periodically in order to ensure that listed sites are still relevant to the categories they are listed in, and that the links are still in working order.

As its name implies, a directory of directories is a collection of links to other directories, also arranged in categories, whose topics may relate to the various types of directories, such as general, regional, blog, forum, or other niche directories, or by whether the listed directory requires payment for submission or not.

The WDR Directory of Directories categorizes its listed directories into four top-level categories: Blog Directories, Forum Directories, General Directories, and Niche Directories.

As the name implies, the Blog Directories category will featured directories that specialize in listing blogs. While many general or topical web directories will include subsections for the listing of blogs, these directories are not focused on listing blogs, and are therefore listed in another, more general, category.

Similarly, the Forum Directories category will list those directories that focus on listing discussion forums, sometimes known as bulletin board systems. Topical or general web directories may list forums along with their several other topics, but they do not specialize in listing forums.

A General web directory, for the purpose of categorization here, will be defined as one that includes a large range of topics. It is further subdivided into a Comprehensive directories category, which would list directories that have a wide range of topical categories as well as a regional tree. Comprehensive directories often include blog or blog trees, as well, but it is not necessary for them to be included for the purposes of categorization here. Other subcategories of the General Directories tree are Regional directories and Topical directories, these being directories that include one without the other. Web directories that do not have a regional tree are considered Topical web directories, while those that categorize content according to geographic location will be considered Regional directories, as will those whose focus is on one particular geographic location, whether that be a continent, nation, state, or city.

Niche Directories are tightly focused on a specific topic or concern. Currently, as subcategories of Niche Directories, we have Education, Environment, Ethnic, Health, Religion, Under 21, and Web Design. Others may be added later, as they become necessary.

Additionally, we have included top-level categories trees for Directory Reviews and Directory Operation, as these topics closely relate to the subject of a directory of directories.