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Established in 2008, the 24/7 Web Directory is a general directory whose top-level categories include Arts & Culture, Business & Economy, Computer & Internet, Education & Research, Finance & Investment, Health & Medicine, Home & Garden, Media & Entertainment, Shopping & Services, Real Estate, References & Guides, Regional Resources, Sports & Recreation, Society & Culture, and Travel & Tourism.

Powered by Google Translate, its pages are available in several languages, selectable by a drop-down box. Its categories and subcategories may be explored by browsing or through its in-site search field. Informative category descriptions are featured for each of its subcategories, and both its top-level and category-specific subcategory menus are available on subpages, making it easy to browse its category trees.

Sites may be suggested to the directory for free, but with no assurances of a time frame for reviewing, or a review may be expedited upon payment of a $34.99 one-time fee. The 24/7 Web Directory’s¬†submission guidelines, terms of use, and privacy policy are presented for viewing.


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